Shark Vs Dyson Vacuum – Which Vacuum Should You Buy?

There are a lot of brands out there when speaking about vacuum cleaners, but these two names, Shark and Dyson, are the most common to pop up when talking about vacuums. Simply speaking, these two brands are fighting for control over the market.

Thanks to the diversity of the products that these brands offer, Shark and Dyson are one of the best vacuum cleaners on the market. Both brands are excelling in performance and durability when it comes to their vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners can be used both on carpeted or not carpeted floors.

dyson vacuum vs shark vacuum

Dyson Vs Share [I know which ones better]

The similarity of Shark and Dyson

In this Shark Dyson comparison, you can find out that both of the brands are using the same technology when speaking about bagless containers for dust collecting. Also, the design of both vacuum cleaners obtains with some similar features, such as a switch for deciding whether you like the brush of a vacuum to move, if you are vacuuming carpets, or to stay stagnant for floors.

The differences between Shark and Dyson

Dyson is mostly known as a brand among high-end vacuum cleaners. Anyhow, Dyson justifies this by claiming to have the superior cleaning performance and even twice the suction of other vacuums.

On the other hand, there is Shark that contends to offer the similar quality to Dyson, from the vacuum cleaner that doesn’t belong to a high-end category.

There are two main differences when talking about Shark vs Dyson. The first one is a price point category and another one is a warranty. As we previously mentioned, Dyson vacuum cleaners belong to a high-end price point category. On the other side, Shark is inexpensive price point category.

Also, when speaking about warranty, the main Dyson models have a 5-year warranty. Some of the similar Shark main models have the warranty of 7 years. Furthermore, Shark’s lightweight Rocket models are with 5 years of warranty, while Dyson’s cordless models come with 2-year warranty.

Now, we will be explaining the biggest difference between these brands by simple discussing features, strengths, and weaknesses of similar models from both of these brands.

Top Rated Upright VacuumS


Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away

Now, these two are the latest upright vacuum cleaners from both brands. The best usage of these vacuum cleaners is for pet owners since they will remove fur and pet hair fast and easy.

Even though filters are washable, the advanced cyclonic technology of this vacuum cleaner ensures that they won’t get clogged quickly. This results in not losing suction power over time. The vacuum cleaner is bagless, upright vacuum with so-called “lift-away” feature.

Namely, “lift-away” feature ensures better portability of the vacuum. In other words, the canister and wand detach from the body of the vacuum will allow Shark to reach areas that standard upright vacuums would struggle to (stairs or the interior of cars).

The best way of describing this vacuum cleaner is by talking about its features. Therefore, complete seal technology will ensure that dirt and dust stay sealed. It has 3 vacuums in 1 – powerful upright, lift-away pod and canister with caddy. Furthermore, this vacuum cleaner obtains hard floor genie attachment as well as HEPA filters.

Shark Rotator NV752 TruePet

Shark Vs Dyson Vacuum – Which Vacuum Should You Buy?

Finally, with a mini motorized brush, this vacuum cleaner excels in the field of performance.

  • Portability- So-called 3 in 1 system will increase the portability of this vacuum cleaner, hence, it can be used as a handheld, canister or upright.
  • Healthy- Due vacuum’s anti-allergen capabilities of HEPA filter and complete seal technology, Shark can be used by those with allergies.
  • Compatibility- Thanks to its powered lift-away, this vacuum cleaner will ease you the access to reaching places that are almost impossible to reach.
  • Advanced technology- As we mentioned, filters are washable, but advanced cyclonic technology will keep them safe from clogging. That is really important since the main problem of vacuum cleaners is often filtration system.
  • HEPA filters- In relation to advanced technology, vacuum obtains with one of the best filter systems out there- HEPA filters. The quality of HEPA filters is well known, and simply speaking, they will always prevail over the standard ones.

  • Maintenance- Filters on this particular vacuum cleaner require washing every now and then. That might be the only downside of this vacuum cleaner.


Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Plus Allergy

This bagless, upright vacuum features unique Dyson “ball” technology. Anyhow, this “ball” technology creates a tighter turning radius, hence, increasing maneuverability of this vacuum cleaner.

There are few more features of this vacuum cleaner. Therefore, a self- adjusting base plate will automatically and easily change the height of the vacuum head and adapt it to a floor type. In other words, you can vacuum continuously across hardwood and carpet surfaces without stopping.

Now, on top of the dust canister, there is a “Radial Root Cyclone” technology that is designed to attract fine dust particles and increase the airflow in the vacuum cleaner.

Great features are what make this vacuum cleaner one of the best out there. Therefore, one of the most important features is that this vacuum cleaner is filterless. You won’t waste time washing and cleaning those filters. It weighs 19 pounds with 13.4 inches wide clearing head and a switch to turn on or off the brush.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy Upright

Shark Vs Dyson Vacuum – Which Vacuum Should You Buy?

This vacuum cleaner is good in removing allergens and can be used in homes with pets.

  • Practical and fast- Due to a larger cleaning head it will clean easier and faster.
  • Great suction- This vacuum cleaner doesn’t use filters but Dyson cinematic technology. In other words, it is good for deep cleaning and getting rid of fine particles.
  • Versatile at cleaning- The vacuum cleaner is attached with different tools that you can use in cleaning pet’s hair, crevices and places that are difficult to reach.
  • Advanced Dyson cinematic technology- Anyway, cleaning filters might be exhausting, therefore, Dyson has made an advanced cinematic technology that doesn’t use filters at all.

  • Heavy- Anyhow, this vacuum cleaner might be a bit heavier for some people.

When it comes to Shark vs Dyson, there are few main differences between these two.

  • Filters– Namely, Shark has filters with advanced cyclonic technology that will keep them unclogged. On the other side, Dyson has a unique Cinetic science technology. In other words, it works without filters.
  • Weigh– When speaking about weigh of these two vacuum cleaners, Dyson (around 17 pounds) is a bit heavier than the Shark (around 14 pounds).
  • Power– Now, if power suction is the matter, you should know that the Shark works with 270AW, while Dyson is on 180AW.
  • Bin capacity– Shark has a bit bigger bin capacity (0.82-gallon bin) than Dyson (0.57-gallon bin).
  • Performance– On this field, both of the vacuum cleaners deliver the similar quality performance. Anyhow, Dyson might prevail over Shark when it comes to pet hair test.

Top Rated Handheld Vacuums

Dyson v6 TriggerShark Cordless Pet Perfect II
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In this, Shark vs Dyson contest, we will be presenting the latest handheld vacuum cleaners from both of the brands.


Dyson v6 Trigger

Powered by the Dyson digital motor V6, which increases the number of spins up to 110,000 times per minute, the quality and performance are guaranteed. This motor uses digital pulse technology and a neodymium magnet. Therefore, you won’t need to clean in two directions because one will do the job.

As we mentioned, the powerful centrifugal force of spinning will ensure that dirt and dust go through the airflow. Furthermore, the vacuum cleaner has trigger grip that can be released instantly for better battery saving. In other words, it’s on when you need it, and off when don’t. Also, the battery can last up to 20 minutes of continuous cleaning. Charging time for a full battery is 3.5 hours.

Now, Dyson v6 Trigger obtains with washable lifetime filter. The vacuum cleaner weighs only 3.4 lbs with bin capacity of 0.12 gallons. Furthermore, it has two modes- standard and boost mode. When on standard, it has a suction power of 28AW, yet on boost mode it goes up to 100AW.

Dyson v6 Trigger Unboxing

Shark Vs Dyson Vacuum – Which Vacuum Should You Buy?

Finally, this vacuum cleaner comes with 2 years warranty.

  • Suction performance- Even on standard setting, suction power is great (28AW). There is also a “boost mode” (100AW) for maximum suction power.
  • Lightweight- With only 3.4 lbs, you will be able to carry it around and easily move it from one place to another without much effort.
  • Powerful- As we mentioned earlier, it has a motor which can increase the spin amount up to 110,000. Not only that, it obtains two modes- standard and boost mode for better suction power.
  • Low charging time- When speaking about the battery, keep in mind that in general, they request a bit more time to charge. These batteries need only 3.5 hours of charging for full power.

  • No brush roll- The only downside of this vacuum cleaner might be not having brush roll. It mainly relies on a suction power.


Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II

This vacuum cleaner is on a market for a number of years. Therefore, it has some older battery technology (18-volt Ni-Cad). Anyway, that doesn’t reflect on its performance and quality. Thanks to the motorized brush the performance of this vacuum cleaner is drastically increased.

The best way of describing this vacuum cleaner is by its features.

The vacuum cleaner has a large detachable motorized brush for quicker and easier cleanup of ground in dirt or pet hair. It obtains four cleaning options. Therefore, it has direct suction, dusting brush, the extra-large motorized pet hair brush and crevice tool for areas that are a bit harder to reach.

Also, in order to maintain strong suction, there is a twister cyclonic technology. Batteries are rechargeable (18-volt battery) with LED charging indicator, a wall-mountable charging stand, and a proper tool storage.

Furthermore, when it comes to filtration mechanism, it has washable filters. Suction power is around 30AW and has bin capacity of 0.1 gallons.

Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II Unboxing

Shark Vs Dyson Vacuum – Which Vacuum Should You Buy?

Finally, this product comes with 1-year warranty.

  • Outstanding brushing performance- This vacuum cleaner excels in the field of performance when it comes to removing pet hair with a motorized brush.
  • Easy to use- With its weight, it is remarkably easy to use it, maneuver and clean areas that are hard to approach.
  • Variety of cleaning options- As we previously mentioned, this vacuum cleaner has 4 different type of cleaning modes. There is direct suction, dusting brush, extra large motorized pet hair brush and crevice tool for areas that are difficult to access.
  • Power- Given the fact that it’s working on batteries, its power is way above standard. It goes up to 30AW.

  • Battery- One of the biggest downsides of this vacuum cleaner is its battery. It lasts shortly and demands a long charging time (up to 16 hours).

When talking about Shark vs Dyson considering these two particular models, we may conclude that there is not a big difference in quality. There are a couple of things that are different and unique for each one of them:

  • Battery– In this matter, we may conclude that the battery is a bit better on Dyson. Shark’s battery requires much more time for charging over the Dyson’s. Therefore, for full battery on a Shark vacuum cleaner, you need to charge around 16 hours, while for Dyson’s battery takes only 3.5 hours.
  • Suction power– Speaking of suction power, Dyson has two different modes. One is a standard mode with a power of 28AW, while boost mode goes up to 100AW. On the other hand, Shark has a standard mode that goes around 30AW. Keep in mind that boost mode of Dyson spends a lot faster battery than the standard one.
  • Bin capacity– Now, this is just a small difference between these two models since Dyson has bin capacity of 0.12 gallons while Shark is on 0.1 gallons. That will not make a difference when it comes to overall comparison between Shark vs Dyson.
  • Weight– Anyhow, both of these vacuum cleaners belong to a lightweight category so the difference in weight between these two might be irrelevant. Dyson weighs 3.4lbs and Shark is something about 4lbs.
  • Warranty– These two vacuum cleaners have the warranty of 2 years (Dyson) and 1 year (Shark).

Given everything that we said about these two vacuum cleaners, keep in mind that Dyson probably belongs to a higher price point category than Shark. We may conclude that they are similar quality, except some smaller details that reflect a bit higher price of a Dyson v6 Trigger.

Top Rated Lightweight Vacuums

Shark Rocket TruepetShark Rocket Ultra-Light TruePet VS Dyson Animal
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Now, speaking of these two vacuum cleaners they are representing a lightweight category of both brands. The biggest difference between them is that Dyson V8 is cordless and the Shark Rocket Truepet is corded.


Shark Rocket Truepet

This exquisite performing and lightweight vacuum cleaner is one of the latest models of Shark’s HV322 series. The biggest difference is that this one is corded and will not run out of power like some of those that are working on the batteries. Speaking of cord, its length is 30ft, hence, you will be able to move around freely.

With its cyclonic technology, the vacuum cleaner will never lose suction. It has motorized brush for better effectiveness. Also, with this vacuum cleaner, you will get 2 in 1. Therefore, within only 30 seconds you can transform it from stick to handheld.

If you have carpets, quick release foot pedal will ensure easy switch while vacuuming from carpets to bare floors. That way, you won’t waste time adjusting and adapting it to a new surface. Furthermore, in charge of its compatibility is wall mount that will ease storage drastically.

On the floor base, there is high output LED lights that contribute to the appearance of this vacuum cleaner in general. The vacuum cleaner obtains great suction power (200 AW) and a bin capacity of 0.22 gallons.

This vacuum cleaner comes with the warranty of 5 years. This long-lasting warranty is just one of the confirmations of vacuum’s quality.


  • Lightweight- This vacuum cleaner belongs to a lightweight category of vacuum cleaners. With only 8.1lbs, you won’t have problems carrying it around and do the casual vacuuming effortlessly.
  • Powerful- Great power is what makes this vacuum cleaner one of the best on the market. With its 200AW suction power, no pet hair or dust will be left on the floor.
  • Lots of accessories- Shark can be proud of this one when it comes to accessories of this vacuum cleaner. There are plenty of these accessories for all cleaning tasks.
  • Cord length- Common problem with corded vacuum cleaners is the length of cord. You won’t have problems with this one because with 30 ft cord you will be able to reach places that you couldn’t reach with older versions of corded cleaners.

  • Filtration- Anyhow, filtration is not HEPA, although they ensure a good filtration when combined with cyclonic technology. When talking about Shark vs Dyson, Dyson is the one that prevails in the matter of filtration.


Dyson v8 Animal

As every other cordless vacuum cleaner, Dyson v8 Animal is also limited by its battery life. This vacuum cleaner belongs to a lightweight category with only 5.63lbs. Anyhow, the vacuum cleaner is working marvelously both on carpet or a hard floor.

The best way of describing Dyson v8 Animal is by its features. First of all, the filtration system is one of the best quality systems out there. Therefore, whole machine HEPA filtration with washable lifetime filter will ensure the good quality of filtration.

Li-ion battery with 40 minutes runtime in the standard mode and 7 minutes in boost mode is everything that you need for a clean home. Charging time of this battery is around 5 hours. Anyhow, there is a trigger that you can use anytime you want your cleaner to go off or on, and rationalize the battery usage with it.

What needs to be mentioned is quite stronger brush power than the previous models. With brush effectiveness like on Dyson v8 Animal, you will be able to bristle deeper into the carpet and clean it even better, every single crevice.

Suction power is a bit smaller (115AW) than Shark’s Rocket Truepet, but that is what you get with a vacuum cleaner that is cordless. Anyhow, this suction power is quite enough for pet’s hair or crumbs.

If necessary, you can transform it into a handheld for even better portability. There is a wall mount that will increase the easiness of storage.


  • Lightweight and compact- Weight of this vacuum cleaner is just ridiculous. With only 5.63lbs you will be able to carry it around effortlessly. Also, you can transform it into handheld or storage it easily with a wall mount.
  • Filtration- As we mentioned earlier, HEPA filtration is one of the best quality filtrations that vacuum cleaner could have. Anyhow, when considering Shark vs Dyson on this field, Dyson’s v8 Animal beats Shark’s Rocket Truepet.
  • Brush power- A way stronger brush power that this new model has will ensure a good and easy cleanup even through those little crevices on your floor.
  • Suction power- Even though it’s less powerful than Shark’s Rocket Truepet, for a device that is running on a battery, this 115AW is pretty good. Simply said, it will do the job anyway.
  • Performance- This vacuum cleaner excels in a field of performance and it’s surely one of the best on the market.

  • Battery- Although the battery is high-class, it’s still a battery and will eventually run out of power. It takes 5 hours of charging for 40 minutes of suction.
  • High-end- Anyhow, this vacuum cleaner belongs to a high-end price point category, therefore, for this outstanding piece of device, you will need to invest a bit more.

Shark Rocket Ultra Light TruePet VS Dyson Animal

Shark Vs Dyson Vacuum – Which Vacuum Should You Buy?

Main Difference?

As representative vacuum cleaners for the lightweight category of both of these brands, we may conclude that they have some differences that make each other unique. All in all, both vacuum cleaners are high-quality products that are justifiably on the top of the market. Anyway, here are the main differences between these two vacuum cleaners:

  • Filtration– First of all, both filtration systems are the first class systems. Anyhow, in this matter Dyson v8 Animal prevails due to whole machine HEPA filtration system with washable lifetime filter. On the other side, Shark has washable lifetime foam and felt filters. HEPA filtration system is one of the best out there, so this one goes to Dyson v8 Animal.
  • Battery and runtime– Furthermore, the biggest difference is in power source. Dyson uses Li-ion battery with 40 minutes runtime (7 in boost mode), and even though it’s high-class battery, Shark’s Rocket Truepet prevails in this one due to the corded power system. Therefore, run time is unlimited and you can control whether to turn it on or off. Needless to say, Shark has no charge time, since it’s corded, but on the other side, Dyson has a charge time of 5 hours.
  • Power– As we previously mentioned, Shark is corded cleaner while Dyson is on a battery. Therefore, that directly affects a vacuum cleaner power. Anyhow, Dyson has the suction power of 115AW while corded Shark has 200AW. Clearly, it’s unnecessary to say who takes the win in this round.
  • Bin capacity– Dyson v8 Animal comes with bin capacity of 0.14 gallons while Shark Rocket Truepet is at 0.22 gallons. Therefore, Shark has a bigger capacity but it’s hard to say that this one makes some big difference in overall fight Shark vs Dyson.
  • Warranty– Finally, there is a big difference in warranty. Dyson gives 2 years warranty on their products, yet Shark’s warranty is 5 years.


Simply speaking, the best way of comparing between Shark and Dyson is through their similar category products. Therefore, we have presented you two models from each of these categories- handheld, lightweight and upright, one model that’s coming from Shark, and other from Dyson.

In the light of everything we said about these two top-class brands and their vacuum cleaners, we may conclude that there is no strict answer about what brand prevails. Shark or Dyson is one of the biggest questions on the vacuum cleaner market.

Anyhow, each one of them has their advantages and disadvantages. We took the best representatives from basic categories of these two brands and compared their quality, power, and performance overall. Therefore, on the list of main differences between representatives, you can see the detailed explanation about basic characteristics of both of these brands.

Simply speaking, we have given you the facts about Shark and Dyson, hence, it’s up to you to decide which one is more important.

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