Shark Navigator NV356E Review – Lift-Away Professional Upright

If we had to present you the best quality hardwood floor vacuum that could take up the dirtiest jobs, then there is nothing better than the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright NV356E. After buying this product from Amazon, we used the vacuum for about a month. After being thoroughly satisfied by the product, we couldn’t help ourselves writing the review.

This product has definitely shocked us with its extreme efficiency and features. If you can spend something between $170 and $180, then we assure you that cleaning will be defined as a fun job rather than an irritating one! Most of the customers who bought this product are extremely happy and are suggesting more people to buy it.

Once you go through the features of the product, you will not feel like checking any other vacuums as this is the best and the only product to suit every need.

Mind-boggling features that take cleaning to a different level

  • It was enthralling to see the suction power of the vacuum. Not all vacuum possesses such feature. Interestingly, this vacuum had that extra factor to stand out of the crowd! No matter how long you use it, it won’t lose its suction power.
  • The product might look big and heavy, but if compared, it has a lightweight. This is one of the important features to be considered while buying a vacuum cleaner. Even after using it for an hour, we did not feel any kind of burden or pain. In short, it does not make you tired!
  • It has a swivel steering that helps you clean around the furniture legs with ease. Also, you can take easy turns with the help of the swivel steering.
  • Are you allergic to dust? This vacuum has anti-allergen complete seal technology + HEPA! You no longer have to fret about allergens lurking around your home.
  • The product has two micro-fiber pads. It works great on hardwood floors. You will be able to see the difference between the floor which is vacuumed and the other which is not vacuumed.
  • Carpet cleaning has never been this easy. This vacuum works great on carpets, rugs and floors.
  • It has a 30’ power cord. This is again an advantage as you don’t have to unplug the cord every time you move to a different room. This is a big advantage of having such a lengthy cord.
  • If you have pets, you don’t have to buy a separate vacuum for cleaning pet hairs. The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright NV356E includes a pet hair power brush to wipe off all the pet hairs in seconds!

I have purchased purchased 4 shark navigator vacuums. The first one was great. My neighbor was so impressed on how great it work when I used it for my car. Then I purchased one for two of my kids since they have cats and kids. They were so impressed at how well it picked up cat hair.
The first one that I purchased I gave to my youngest son since he has cats too and this one was for me since I have stairs. I love it and couldn’t wait to used the lift-away on the stairs. It worked great. Plus the suction is great. I would buy this again. The price was great too. Long cord was a plus too. Highly recommend this vacuum if you have pets.

Is there any disadvantages?

If we see the performance of this vacuum cleaner then it stands out of the crowd. Nothing can beat this vacuum. Had there been an LED light, it would be a big help to clean darker areas. Apart from this everything seems perfect about this product. We were worried about the battery system but it worked well!


Considering the features and the reasonable price of this vacuum cleaner, we would recommend everyone to buy this product. The product is stuffed with ample of features which when explored can make you awe-struck! Do not leave this product in anyway. If you have been in search of a vacuum for a long time then it is time to use Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright NV356E.

Grab this product now from Amazon and get a big discount.

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