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Panda XPB45 Review

Do you find yourself constantly haggling around with your dirty laundry rushing to a coin wash? Are you tired of making those trips? Do you not have ample space to store a standard washing machine? Is washing clothes in the comforts of your home, something you’d like to do? Then this might just be helpful for you — The Panda xpb45 is a small, portable washing machine.

Panda Mini Washer Review

The Panda xpb45 comes is a twin tub with a built-in Spin dryer washing machine. It is important to note here that because of it is twin top, it is a top loading washing machine. This panda mini washer could be an ideal companion for you and your family.

By now, I am sure you know it is small’ in size, which makes it easy to be kept at any part of the house. Thanks to its size it could very well help you use your floor space more appropriately. While there is a whole host of models to choose from, The Panda xpb45 is rather efficient.

Panda xpb45: Is it For You?

The Design & Installations:

This panda mini washer is ideal for individuals living in a small apartment. It can easily fit into a small space and makes for an ideal washer for RV vans, studio apartment, you can even travel with it.

The unique design specifications of the Panda xpb45 are what makes it so ideal for you. Here is everything you need to know about its design (specification wise)

  1. It weighs 28 pounds
  2. Built-in Spin Dryer
  3. Dimensions: 22.8 x 14.2 x 25.6 inches
  4. Washing Capacity: 10 Lbs
  5. Spin Dryer Capacity: 5.5 Lbs
  6. Washing Power: 240W

It comes with installation guidelines that are very specific and to the point. The installation guidelines are fairly simple to comprehend.

Panda XPB45

Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine (10 lbs Capacity) with Spin Dryer -Larger Size, Built in Pump

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Key features: Weighing in The Benefits

So is this mini washing machine for you? Well, it might just be. We hope this panda xpb45 review proves to be helpful —

Apart from the fact that it is light and small hence making it portable. It also provides really gentle and extremely effective washing for your clothes. Imagine tossing in your expensive delicate lingerie into the dryer only to realize that the power of the machine has ruined the texture. Now that would be so disappointing, won’t it?

– The Panda xpb45 has 12W of spinning power

– Along with that, it spins at 1300 RPM

At this point, it is important to note that this not a fully automatic washer. Your assistance will be required. Yes, that may mean a little more work. You will be expected to toggle back and forth during the washing and spinning process.

However, it is fairly simple. All you need to do is fill the washer section of the twin tub with dirty laundry, water and then set it for the desired timer.

Let’s now talk about the draining system installed in this small compact portable washing machine. The hose specifications need to be in tandem with the drain hose intel specifications—

  1. Inlet Hose: 110mm/43inch
  2. Drain Hose: 140mm/54 inch

You can hang the nook of the hose on the side of the sink or even in a bathtub. Make sure that the angle of the placement of the hose in the sink/bathtub is downwards. It helps the water rush out relatively easier. However, due to any reasons if you don’t have a sink or bathtub you can simply use a bucket.

Did you know, The Panda xpb45 can wash up to 3-6 people’s laundry load per wash? It is important to note here that the spin capacity is 6.6 Lbs so when you’re doing a larger load you might need to divide the load into 2 smaller loads for it to fit in the spin section.

The built-in spinner spins at 1300 rpm and can effectively wring your clothes. The spinner ensures that once it’s process is complete the clothes will only need to be hanged or air dried. It makes sure that 70% of the water residual it drained off during spinning.

Some of the other advantages of owning the Panda xpb45 are listed below

  1. This mini washer is extremely easy to link to a water tap. The inlets are of that of a regular tap. There are no attachments or add-ons that you will require.
  2. It comes with a water gauge sensor — The sensor assists in many ways. For e.g. It helps determine the water level per wash. Prevents overflowing of the water. The water gauge goes one step ahead and assists in energy conservation.
  3. Despite its portable size, the washer can do a reasonably big sized wash and the design of the model avoids excessive vibration and helps maintain the balance of the load during washing.
  4. The features in Panda xpb45 are just as same as that available in the standard size washing machines.
  5. Storage is not an issue anymore! The Panda xpb45 can be stored in the corner of a dry area, or even the hallway. If you don’t have a power supply, its portability can move it around easily. You can move it towards the power supply without any hassle.

What Customers Think?

So you know pretty much everything important about the Panda xpb45 washer. While you’re still contemplating whether to buy it or not. Some customers have already reviewed the Panda xpb45. While most reviews on this mini washer are positive some have even gone to the extent and said that the washer is not obnoxiously loud and that it doesn’t wake the neighbors up. Most of the reviews read that the Panda xpb45 is a good mini washer. That’s not all, the washer is capable of doing a king sheet, 2 pillowcases perfect in just one load. The inbuilt spinner spins out dry clothes.

Additional Information & Tips

The manufacturers of the Panda xpb45 have allotted its buyers a one year guarantee. The company assures that every washer delivered is a brand new one. In any case, should you find some sports or water markers on the washer or hoes or tube then that is due to the stringent function testing conducted by the manufacturer? It has a firm cushion, double box packaging.

Final Verdict

Yes, The Panda XPB45 can suit different people living in different areas. Area matters especially for those that can’t fit the standard size washing machines into their homes.

This small compact portable washing machine is idyllic for small condos, short-trips and can very well fit into a minivan or caravan. This innovative washer has a massive load capacity with easier drainage.

The pump of the washer is appropriately designed to give you a smooth water drainage. Overloading should be avoided, sometimes it is preferable to divide the load. This will help the Panda xpb45 deliver a good wash.

If we haven’t mentioned before then it’s about time you know that the Panda xpb45 comes in blue & white color. We sure hope the Panda xpb45 fits perfectly into your lifestyle and requirements.

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