Panasonic MC OptiFlow Canister Vacuum Review

This time we will be talking about a model of the middle price range, brought to us by Panasonic. The OptiFlow is one of their best canister vacuum cleaner models and as such is a stellar example of what an averagely priced model should offer. We haven’t really reviewed many Panasonic products but don’t let that cloud your judgment – the ones that we are covering are worth your time. Many canister vacuum review sites have pointed to this model as one of Panasonic’s best middle price solutions, and we agree with them.

Technological Details
The OptiFlow is powered by an 11 amp motor, which allows it to compete even with higher class products when it comes to suction power. And when it’s put next to most other medium class models, it simply blows them away. The vacuum is also fairly light – it weighs only 10.1 lbs and even while there are lighter products that’s still a very nice number to have, given the power output of the motor and its features. You have a 17 feet long cable to work with, which in combination with telescopic wand gives you a decent reach. Just like the name suggests, the model uses vacuum bags, and like we have previously mentioned, they can be a bit of a problem. But more on that later. The model also has an EZ filter cleaning system (controlled by a small dial, which allows the OptiFlow to keep the suction great at all times). And finally, we have the standard HEPA filtration system, like most other canister vacuum cleaners.

Cleaning Accessories
In the box we have a bunch of tools that will make cleaning a whole lot easier, and if you so desire, you can always grab additional accessories. The vacuum comes with a special, 3 in one Multi surface brush, which allows you to switch between hardwood floors, short hair carpets and long hair carpets with ease, just by simply pressing a button. Then we have the 10-Inch Cleaning path with a telescopic wand, that allows you to extend the operational range of the vacuum cleaner by quite a lot, which really helps when you are trying to clean up your staircase for example. The additional extras come in the form a bunch of replacement exhaust filters that will save you some money.

We didn’t call OptiFlow one of the best canister vacuum cleaner products by Panasonic for nothing. On top of the great suction, it offers a few extra features that most other products in this price range simply can’t stand up to.

Powerful – As usual, we start off with the power output. Just like with the other products that we’ve reviewed, this one has an out of the ordinary motor for this class. This is reflected by the great amount of positive scores given to it by canister vacuum review sites all over the internet, as well as the numerous satisfied customer reviews.

Great for pet hair – Even though it is not advertised as a pet hair model, the Panasonic OptiFlow deals very well with pet hair. This in combination with the powerful suction and great dust capacity make it one of the best vacuum cleaner models for pet owners.

Does very well on all types of flooring – The name OptiFlow isn’t just for show. The model along with its three in one brush tool have been designed specifically to be able to handle hardwood floors, low and high carpets with ease. And to change the modes, you simply have to press one button.

Quiet – This is a great choice for those of you who have big families, as you most likely won’t disturb your relatives sleep when you decide to have a cleaning session at an awkward time. We’ve found multiple reviews praising this feature of the vacuum, yet it is not really advertised as a quite model, nor it is mentioned in the features.

Enough with the praise. Just like all other models, the OptiFlow has its downfalls and it is about time we had a look at them as well.

Wand – The wand length, even though adjustable and great in general, might be a bit awkward for taller people. Even though there haven’t been many people complaining about this, it might be a serious issue for taller people with lower back problems. If this sounds familiar, then maybe this isn’t the best vacuum cleaner for you.

A bit heavy – Even though it can’t really be classified as a heavy canister vacuum, there are still quite a few models that are lighter than OptiFlow. Again, this will mostly affect people with recent medical issues and back problems. If that’s the case with you, we highly recommend that you look in to some other product.

The OptiFlow gets a 9 out of 10. It most certainly deserves the score, simply because the positives outweigh the negatives by such a large margin and the fact that the negative sides don’t really affect everyone. Most other canister vacuum reviews, as well as the customer feedback, are also positive – there are very few people who have ended up disappointed in their purchase. And a big portion of those people were generally customers who lacked understanding of how to properly use and take care of their vac. On the plus it has great suction, multi-functionality and is quiet. The negatives revolve mainly around its weight and the length of the wand. And while there are other models that are lighter and have longer reach (we’ve covered them already) the OptiFlow is absolutely worthy of being dubbed one of the best canister vacuum cleaners of the medium price range.

  • Powerful Suction
  • Quiet
  • Multi functional
  • Wand isn’t very long
  • Heavy
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