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Here we will cover one of the most expensive canister vacuum cleaners featured on our site. Once again, this is a product, brought to us by the german engineers from Miele. The S8990 UniQ is an incredible model, but sadly it is very unpopular, mostly because of its price. Nowadays people are rarely willing to pay more than a few hundred bucks for a vacuum and this model costs way more than the average middle-range vac. And when we are talking about price and quality, Miele are always the first company to come to mind. Usually their products are very reliable and durable, with their main downside being their price tag. The UniQ is a top-notch product and has no trouble competing with any other high class model.

Technological Details
The Miele S8990 UniQ uses one of the 1,200 watt motors, that are standard for their products. So in reality it won’t offer much more than cheaper models from just the motor output perspective. Then what makes it good enough for the title “the best canister vacuum” you may ask? Well, it’s a combination of other things really. First we have the great cleaning range. Between the long cable and the telescopic wand you get a grand total of 36 feet of operational range. Then there is the superb 12 stage AirClean Sealed system and the HEPA filtration that will really help people with allergies.

The model itself is also very light, which isn’t as common as reading our best vacuum cleaner review series would lead you to believe. In reality most products out there, even the pricier ones are quite heavy and uncomfortable to use. Of course, as a Miele product, the UniQ supports a wide variety of attachments that will make cleaning faster, easier and less annoying. And last, but by no means least comes the longevity. Which is really incredible, even for this price tag. The model comes with a 5 year warranty and in reality you can expect it to be up and running for much longer than that.

Cleaning Accessories
The Miele S8990 UniQ box contains the following attachments: an electro brush, a stainless steel wand, the generic dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice nozzle, and a parquet twister. The combination of these attachments will provide you with more than what a basic household might need but if the need arises, you can always look for more additional accessories, as Miele are well known for releasing extra tools for their canister vacuums as time goes by.

Now, let’s dig a bit deeper into what really allows us to put the Miele UniQ up there with the other best canister vacuum models despite the huge disadvantage that is its price tag.

Powerful Suction – Well, there aren’t two opinions on that matter. The UniQ is one of the most powerful canister vacuum models currently on the market and that’s a fact. In comparison, there really are other models that share the same price range but actually have worse suction and less powerful motors. Since in reality, the suction doesn’t come down to only the motor’s output, there are other contributing factors as well.

Great for a wide variety of tasks – Like we’ve already said over and over again. The thing that makes the best canister vacuums is the multi functionality. The more uses a canister vacuum model has, the closer it is to perfection. And in this case, assuming you put on the correct attachment, you can use it for pretty much anything. As a side note, we are yet to find a customer review (or a professional canister vacuum review for that manner) that points to the model as disappointing and provides actual information about their situation.

Longevity – Well there isn’t really much to say here. The warranty is awesome, but most Miele products have an exceptionally long warranty so it’s not something out of the ordinary. And you really can’t expect the model to break anytime soon after you purchase it. Objectively speaking, it should last a bare minimum of 5 years simply due to the warranty system. In reality if you take good care of it, would most likely last two or even three times longer than that.

Lightweight and Quiet – This is really something that’s expected of a high class model, but many companies fail to deliver. A product with such a price tag is expected to be as close to the best vacuum cleaner ideal as possible, which means that it should be very quiet and very easy to carry around .The UniQ delivers on both points.

Since there aren’t any real apparent disadvantages, pointed out by the community or other canister vacuum review mediums, we’ll go over some customer complaints.

Pricey – Well this is an obvious one. Purchasing a canister vacuum cleaner that costs more than your average PC is not something that can be taken lightly. And while there are some people who realize what they are getting for their money and are happy making an investment in a model that can last many years, many others disagree. Even though it is a bit sad, since this is an incredible product, it really is not for everyone. Cheaper models can do pretty similar things for a lower price tag, so they are always an option.

Handle controls are tricky – The location of the handle controls makes brushing them by accident a possibility and by doing that you can very easily turn the vacuum off. Some people have found that really annoying, since it doesn’t really let them focus on their cleaning completely.

Expensive attachments – While the attachments are incredible and very much required for every canister model the fact that they are expensive as well brings the whole models’ price up. If you aren’t an attachment enthusiast you’d best look at another model.

9.5 out of 10 is really the best that this model can get. Why? Well it’s rather simple really. The thing that brings the scores down is the price tag alone. It might come off as a bit biased since we really like the functionality of the model, but if it was cheaper a lot more people would’ve had access to it. Other than that, it simply is a straight 10. And if the price isn’t an issue for you, we would urge you to go for it. It offers superb suction, performs great in all kinds of domestic tasks, is very quite and very light and has tons of possible attachments. Had the price not been so high, we would’ve really dubbed it The best canister vacuum period.

  • Powerful Suction
  • Great for all kinds of domestic tasks
  • Quiet
  • Lightweight
  • Solid and reliable
  • Pricey
  • Handle controls may be annoying
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