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In today’s review we will have a look at one of the more expensive products by Miele. The S8390 Kona Canister Vacuum is one of the highest quality models that the german company has ever made. But only the high price tag and the fact that it comes from Miele can’t turn just any product in to the best canister vacuum cleaner. It has to have something more.
The S8390 Kona is designed with ultimate comfort and ease of use in mind. On top of that it features great operation range and a huge range of attachments. All of which are signs of something that can potentially be dubbed on of the best canister vacuum cleaners. Is it worth it though? Well, let’s go over some of its main features, advantages and disadvantages, in our established fashion.

Technological Details
The S8390 Kona Canister Vacuum cleaner is powered by the awesome, 1200watt Miele motor, that is typical for most of their mid and high class models. As usual with such pricey products, the suction is superb. The vacuum controls via a pedal which may feel a tad strange at first but people get used to it really fast. Much like the rest of the high priced canister vacuum models, the Kona has the awesome reach of 33 feet. This also makes cleaning staircases easier as you don’t have to worry about the distance. The vacuum is surprisingly light, which only works to enhance its stair cleaning abilities and improve mobility. As most other high class models, it offers a good air cleaningsystem. Here it is the specially designed 12-stage AirClean Sealed system, designed for the S8 series. It also features a standard HEPA filter and a couple of indicators that will serve to show when you have to change the filter.

Cleaning Accessories
Like most Miele-made products this canister vacuum features tons of possible attachments and accessories that will improve your cleaning experience. In the bag you get a standard telescopic wand, made of stainless steel, a Mini Turbo Brush, a dusting brush, as well as the usual upholstery and a crevice tools. In addition you get two extra accessories – the SBB300-3 Parquet Twister brush that will help you deal with hardwood floors and the Electro Plus Electro brush, which is a 14” wide tool for low-pile carpeting.
On top of that, you can also grab tons of additional accessories that aren’t featured in the initial package and might cost you a bit extra but attachments are what turns this vacuum from a great product in to one of the best canister vacuum cleaners on the market.

Why do we say that this is one of the best vacuum cleaner choices of the high price range?

Power – Miele are widely known for their incredibly powerful motors and this model is no different. And to be honest, when we are talking about products of this price tag, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than amazing. The Kona should not have any suction-related problems whatsoever when it comes to standard cleaning. Any loss of suction is prevented by the automatic level adjustment, provided by the flexible heads.

Longevity – As most other vacuums, coming from the same company the Kona is built to last. It comes with the standard for Miele 7 year casing warranty, and we are yet to find any customer feedback saying that there are technical problems with their vacuum. Of course, this is within reason – if you don’t take good care of your vacuum and constantly hit it or drop it down staircases, it will get damaged pretty quickly.

Lightweight – This is one of Miele’s lightest products as a whole. This is very important if you decide to move it around more, carry it up and down stairs or decide to clean your garage. The weight factor also allows people with past medical problems to use the model without doubts – it is one of the lightest canister vacuum cleaners out there.

Quiet – Another amazing feature of the model is the fact that it is much more quiet than its supposed to be for a motor of this caliber. Many people have said that they were able to clean their home with their relatives sleeping without disrupting their rest at all. And even if this isn’t something new for Miele models, we wouldn’t expect any less from a product that is in our best canister vacuum cleaner review series.
Great on rugs – Multiple user comments point to the fact that the Kona does a very good job on all kinds of delicate surfaces like handmade rugs.

Bags – Again, we come to the awkward thing situation caused by vacuum bags. Saving you the need to clean a dust bin is awesome, but you will have to purchase new bags every now and then.

Even the best vacuum cleaner models have their downfalls. In this case even though there aren’t really many negative factors, they still have prevented many people from purchasing the model and one should give it a thought.

Pricey – The high quality of this model sadly bring the price tag up quite a bit. And this takes it out of many people’s reach as not everyone is eager to put in such a large sum in to a vacuum cleaner purchase, even if many different canister vacuum reviews call it one of the best models of our time.

Bags – When looked from another perspective, changing and purchasing new bags for your canister vacuum cleaner is not just a minor annoyance but a money sink as well. Again, this adds to the limitation provided by the price tag on the vacuum itself – not everyone is willing to buy such an expensive piece of cleaning technology.

We are yet to find any competent canister vacuum review that has given the Kona a negative result. Most of the customer responses are great as well – people can’t get enough of this model. Clients praise not only its powerful suction but the fact that its so silent and lightweight as well. The negative sides of the product don’t go far beyond the higher price tag – the only other things are minor annoyances that are specific to the people – some dislike the colors, others find some tools too large or too small for what they want to use them for. Even though the model is still new, the customer responses and the professional canister vacuum reviews agree with us that it deserves a stellar rating. We give it a 9.5/10.

  • Great Suction
  • Silent
  • Lightweight
  • Does great on rugs
  • Pricey
  • Bags can become an expensive burden
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