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In this vacuum cleaner review, we will be having a look at one of Miele’s finest models – the Miele S2121 Olympus Canister. It’s been around for more than 4 years now and it never stopped being a customer top choice in most online stores. For a long time, the Miele company have established themselves as one of the best canister vacuum creators and have rarely come up with disappointing products. As a result nowadays the words Miele Vacuum stand for high quality and longevity.

This particular model, just like the name suggests, comes from the S2 series, just like the S2 Capri, Delphi, and Titan. All three of these models have received great feedback and excellent scores on various vacuum review sites. All of these vacuums are great choices, but let’s stay focused on the Olympus.

Technological Details

The S2 Olympus is powered by the standard for its product line 1,200 watt motor made by Miele. It makes it a really powerful machine, very much capable of competing with the best canister vacuums, rivaling even the most expensive products. Given the fact that the model is designed mostly for floor and low-pile carpet cleaning, it has an advantage in the area over some other models. It is also perfect for cleaning up rugs and the “Combination Tool” it comes with offers you a smooth transition between carpeted surfaces and the smooth flooring. The whole vacuum is designed carefully to avoid any chance of scratching your flooring and it’s very easy to navigate and move on top of low pile carpeting and rugs.

The S2 Olympus controls via a rotary dial, granting you easy control over it’s six different power settings. The product also has an Air Clean system and works with an Active HEPA filter, making sure that the air you breathe is nice and clean. The major downside when it comes to the machine’s performance is the huge problem with high pile carpets – it simply is not designed to be used on those. You will encounter both maneuverability and cleaning issues and if you ignore our warning and try forcing it, it might end up damaging your high-piled carpets.

Cleaning Accessories

As we’ve already mentioned, cleaning accessories are a huge deal when it comes to canister vacuum models and this one sure has a bunch of them in stock. In the box of the Miele S2 Olympus you will find the following vacuum accessories that will make your cleaning experience smoother.

Telescopic Stainless Steel Wand – A generic telescopic wand that will allow you to reach distant places. When combined with the length of the cable, the vacuum can reach the amazing 29,5 feet operational range. The cable is of course self-retracting, makes moving around and storing it is a tad easier.

Dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice nozzle – These generic canister vacuum cleaner accessories will allow you to deal with most cleaning tasks in your home. Nothing really special here.
Two durable hoses – one electric and one non-electric – Again nothing unseen or groundbreaking.
The controls are located on the handle grip – This is something that’s often seen on most canister models, as it allows the user a more comfortable cleaning experience. Even though it’s not something incredible, it’s a very nice feature to have.


Here are the main reasons as to why we claim that the Olympus is one of the best canister vacuum models on the market.

Longevity – Miele have built a reputation for creating incredibly durable and solid products over the years and this model, in particular, is a great example of that. While we’re not saying that there aren’t any customers that have experienced problems with their purchased Olympus models, we can assure you that they are a minority. More than 90% of the feedback on the longevity on this vacuum is positive and most people never encounter any problems.

Lightweight – This is a huge deal, since canister vacuums are usually the heaviest models available on the market. And they are disliked for their weight just as much as they are loved for their multi functionality. This model however, is made so that it swiftly avoids the weight problem and this makes it perfect for people who have had recent medical issues.

Bags – Now, bags are a double edged sword generally. On one hand, people love them since it makes getting rid of the dust from their vacuum so much easier. On the other hand, however, they hate them cause having replaceable bags means spending extra money every once in a while. Therefore the bags will be listed both as a positive and a negative aspect.

Great, powerful suction – While it’s not something unheard of (yeah Miele products have great suction, what’s new?) it’s worth to mention it here, that people are generally very pleased with the results that this particular model gets them. Being able to clean the whole house is one thing, but being able to clean quickly and efficiently is a whole new page. And let’s face it – nobody likes wasting time, right?


Remember how we said that his is one of the best canister vacuum cleaners, and not just dubbed it the best one? Remaining true to our promise about unbiased canister vacuum reviews, we bring you the negative sides of the product as well.

Not meant for high-piled carpets – This one is the worst negative side of the product. A canister vacuum cleaner that’s bad for carpets isn’t really all that multifunctional now is it? Well to be honest, if you have high pile carpeting in your home, then this model is definitely not for you, unless you intend to own multiple canister vacuum cleaners. On the other hand, if you only own rugs and low-pile carpets, then you really won’t have any problems with it.

Cleaning the ceiling might be a bit difficult – If you live in a home with a high ceiling, there’s a chance that you might experience some troubles reaching it with the telescopic wand since the tube isn’t that long. While easily fixable by putting your vacuum cleaner on top of a chair, it’s something that some people may find very annoying.

Bags – Again, we get to the bag part. And to be fair, having to buy new bags from time to time can get kind of annoying, but it shouldn’t really be a deal breaker, at least according to our research. And if you are already spending money for a quality vacuum cleaner, why not spend a few extra dollars and avoid the issue of emptying your vacuum?


Wrapping up this vacuum review, we’ll give this model a 9 out of 10. An overall great product with a few bad sides and many good sides. Customer responses seem great on pretty much every site there is to be found. The tech details can stand up to most of the higher priced, top-notch models. Mostly people are disappointed about its inability to deal with high-pile carpeting and it’s somewhat short wand, which makes vacuuming the ceiling difficult. It does have great suction, nice operational length (29,5 feet), good air filtration system with a HEPA filter and is very lightweight. All in all, we would say that this is one of the best canister vacuum cleaner models for this price tag.

  • Nice Operational Range
  • Many attachments to choose from
  • Lightweight
  • Great for smooth floors and carpets
  • Not meant for high piled carpets
  • Tube is a bit short
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