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In this review we will cover yet again another Miele product. The german company is widely known for their high quality products and their main downside is usually their price tag. This of course does not go to say that the products are worth much less than what they are sold for. Quite the contrary – they do in fact outperform most other models with similar price tags. Sadly, that very price tag is what limits the client accessibility and ends up lowering their popularity- not everyone has the desire to spend a lot of money on a vacuum cleaner. But let’s assume that you are one of the people who are well informed about the way we choose which products to recommend and let’s get on with the canister vacuum review.

Technological Details

The Miele S2121 Capri has a 1,200 watt Miele motor, just like every other high class product by them. It shares a lot of its features with the other S 2121 models – the Olympus, Delphi and Titan. The S2121 are mostly focused on various types of floor cleaning, with the Capri excelling at dealing low to medium pile carpeting and smooth floor cleaning. The model has a very decent cleaning radius of 29.5 feet (just like the Olympus, that we’ve covered in one of our previous best canister vacuum reviews). The advantages it has over the Olympus are the Combo Head that’s meant to deal with both floors and carpets and the Parquet Floor Brush (SBB-3). It stands right in the middle of the S2121 series price-wise and as such is one of the best vacuum cleaner choices for people who wish to experience high quality vacuums without spending three to four times the amount of money a regular model costs. Just like other Miele products, here you have a wide variety of additional accessories that you can purchase.

Cleaning Accessories

The S2121 Capri features the standard canister vacuum tool set – a Dusting brush, and upholstery tool and a crevice nozzle. Those three are more than enough to satisfy the general needs of your home. But just like with other Miele products, you are free to grab one of the many accessory packs out there and get extra features for your vac. Like we usually say – it is the best accessories that make the best canister vacuum.


What exactly makes the Miele s2121 Capri one of the best canister vacuums? Even though we’ve already mentioned most of its positive qualities, it is time to go over them again, while keeping the question above in mind.


Powerful – With Miele, power is never an issue. And even though we dislike individuals who claim that they write “objective” canister vacuum reviews but only stick to one brand, we have to give it to Miele – most of their models are pretty great suction-wise. This feature alone is enough to secure them a spot very high in the best canister vacuum rankings, but there is even more than that.

Great for carpets and bare floor cleaning – The model excels at dealing with low pile carpets, medium pile carpets and bare floors. It has been designed with them in mind, so there is very little competition for it in the area (and we’ve already covered most of its competitors – feel free to take a look at the sidebar menu). It most certainly does its job and it does it very good.

Longevity – Like all our other Miele suggestions, this model is very durable and has the incredible 7 Year Motor and Casing Warranties. Like it says on the sticker – these vacuums are made to last. There are very few customer reviews that would say otherwise, and it is mostly people who have mistreated their vacuum or those unlucky enough to encounter a manufacturing defect.

Lightweight and Quiet – The Capri is very light, and many customers report that even their elder relatives have had no issues carrying it around the house if they had to. This makes it perfect for dealing with staircases or vacuuming awkward areas (ceiling and drapery come to mind). The fact that is quiet makes it amazing for those people who have larger families and don’t want to disturb anyone’s sleep or conversations by cleaning.


Well, after all that praise, it’s time to have a look at the disadvantages of the model.
Pricey – Even if it isn’t a pricey model for a Miele model, it’s not the cheapest middle range model by far. And, like we have already said, not everyone is very keen on purchasing such expensive products only to vacuum around their home.

Hose is only 5 feet – That might be a serious issue for some people, especially those who are taller. Customers who dislike it point out the fact that they have to vacuum slightly bended, which is not really all that great for those who have had lower back problems in the past. This is a fairly big deal so we urge you to have a look at some of our other canister vacuum reviews if you fall in to that category.

Plastic parts and feeling – Many people feel the need to express their disliking with the multiple plastic parts that this vacuum has. And yes it looks displeasing and even cheaply made to some of the more pretentious customers, but without these plastic parts the model would weigh much more. And since we’ve already been over the longevity part, we won’t go in to whether or not it effects the product in that respect. This is a cosmetic negative at best, but if you feel turned off by it, there is a plethora of other models to choose from.


A solid 9.5 out of 10 for a solid canister vacuum cleaner by Miele. It stands proudly within the S2121 series, covering the gap between the medium and high price range models. The Capri is a very powerful and solid model, much like our other Miele suggestions. It is also a very quiet product as well, perfect for larger families or couples with toddlers. No more will you risk disturbing your loved ones’ sleep cause you lacked the time to vacuum during the day. There are only a bunch of negatives – the price, the hose length and some of the cosmetic details might seem unreasonable and/or impractical to some people. All in all, unless you have a history of back problems or you own only high-pile carpets this is one of the best vacuum cleaner models that you can purchase from this price range.

  • Powerful Suction
  • Great for low & medium pile carpets
  • Lightweight and quiet
  • Pricey
  • Hose might be short for some
  • Has a few plastic parts
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