iRobot Braava 380t – The Best Robot Vacuum for Mopping

In today’s best robot vacuum cleaner review we will go over another iRobot model, but from a different series. The iRobot Braava 380t Floor Mopping Robot, just like the name suggests, is a bit different from most standard models, as it can not vacuum anything for you. However, it has the ability to not only dry sweep your floors but it can also mop them. The model comes with a long lasting battery that ensures a couple of hours uptime between charges and can deal with a wide variety of tasks. Just like other robot vacuum cleaners, it is equipped with sensors that will prevent it from going where it doesn’t belong.

Technological Details

The iRobot Braava 380t Floor Mopping Robot is meant to deal with wooden floors, linoleum, tiles and laminates. Once activated, the model will quickly begin the cleaning process, mopping your floors clean of any dust, dirt and pet hair, leaving nothing in its wake. The Braava is equipped with the NorthStar Navigation System 2 which allows it to easily avoid the areas where it doesn’t belong – rugs, carpet transitions and staircases are in the no-no list for this model. It will quickly scan down the objects in your house and will build a map of the room its in. To control which rooms the model should clean, simply place a Cube in the rooms that you want cleaned and the robot will go to them and do its thing. The battery of the model allows it to dry sweep for up to four hours per recharging session, while the wet mopping is a little bit more taxing on it and can be sustained for up to two and a half hours.



Let’s go over the main upsides of this model. Fist and foremost, the cleaning power of the model. Since the Braava isn’t a standard run of the mill vacuum cleaner, but a mopping robot, we have to look at it from a different angle – it isn’t about suction power but about the ability to mop and sweep. And this model has all that it takes to mop and sweep all the dust pet hair and dirt from your flooring. Because of its different purpose, the battery life on this model can last for a very long time – even the best robot vacuum cleaner models on the market can’t compete with it. Sweeping takes very little energy and the robot can sustain it for up to four hours, while mopping takes a bit more juice and as such can be kept up for two and a half. And finally because of the way it functions, the Braava is extremely silent. Obviously there is no vacuuming noise coming out of it so it can easily compete with some of the most quiet models out there and come out on top.

Great at what it does – Just like the name suggests, the iRobot Braava 380t Floor Mopping Robot is meant for wet and dry cleaning of your floors. And it does that flawlessly. As long as you keep your expectations reasonable, you will find that there is almost no impossible task for this little robot.

Great for pet hair – While it is not directly advertised as such, the Braava 380 is great at dealing with all kinds of pet hair and will not leave any trace of it in its wake.

Long Battery Life – The different purpose of the model allows its battery to last for way longer than that of the standard vacuum cleaning robots. This leads to prolonged cleaning sessions in which the Braava will make your floors shine bright.



While this model doesn’t have any major problems, it’s nowhere near perfect. Its downsides include its inability to actually scrub floors as well as the fact that the navigation system while awesome, has it’s problems.

Navigation System – The navigation system is very well designed but has two somewhat annoying downsides. First of all, you need to keep buying cubes. The model sadly does not come with an unlimited amount of them and if you want the robot to handle a lot of rooms on its own you will have to purchase extra cubes. The second part is a bigger deal breaker – the whole thing will not work properly if you ceiling is very high or is dark in color.


The iRobot Braava 380t Floor Mopping Robot gets 8.5 out of 10. The main reason for this low score has nothing to do with the robots abilities, but rather the navigational system problems it can have. If you have a very high ceiling or if it is painted in a dark color, the whole thing might refuse to work. This obviously is a huge problem, as it makes the model unusable. However, if you do not have these ceiling types in your home, you can look at the model as a 9.5 out of 10.

If we are to judge it by what it’s meant to do, the model is very close to perfection. It can handle all sweeping and mopping tasks flawlessly, leaving nothing behind and can easily make its way around your rooms. It is by far one of the best robot vacuum models if you are looking for a sweeping/mopping one.

  • Great at what it does
  • Great for Pet Hair
  • Very Long Battery Life
  • Navigation System Might be Problematic
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