Hoover Platinum Lightweight – The Best Upright Vacuum Reviews

This upright vacuum cleaner review covers the Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright Bagged. What we have here is a very interesting design choice of the middle class, that can perform on a high class level. The vacuum can actually be used both as handheld canister model and as a standard upright vac. This is a very versatile model, that allows you to easily deal with situations that other uprights would have difficulties with.

Technological Details

The Hoover Platinum Lightweight is powered by an awesome 12 amp motor that has no trouble at all dealing with any household task. The model can quickly vacuum your carpets and floors, as well as all types of furniture, upholstery and even the inside of your car. The multi-functionality here is due to the vacuum’s ability to change from upright to handheld, which makes it very easy for everyone to carry it around. In its upright form, the Hoover Platinum Lightweight offers a 35 feet long power cord, which goes down to 25 feet in the handheld canister variant.
Cleaning Accessories

The model comes with a lot of things in its box, all of which are designed to make it even better at what it does. You have a Tool Bracket, a Telescoping extension wand, a Floor brush, a Dusting Brush, a carry strap (to make the canister usage easier), a Crevice tool, and couple of HEPA bags. Even though the Hoover Platinum Lightweight’s kit might seem pretty standard to most, it is more than enough to tackle your daily cleaning needs, especially when you take into account the extra maneuverability that the upright to canister change brings.


There are a couple of big upsides that bring the model higher than its competition in our lists, allowing us to feature it in the best upright vacuum review series. The main three things are – the suction power, the multi functionality and the low weight of the vacuum.

Powerful Suction – The 12 amp motor provides excellent suction power, granting the Hoover Platinum Lightweight ability to outperform a large portion of its competition.

Great For Multiple Floor Types – The model is great for hardwood floors, bare flooring and carpets. It also performs really well in all types of tasks that are usually left to handheld models – upholstery, furniture, car cleaning.

Lightweight – This model is very light for an upright and even more so when you switch it to the handheld canister variant. Then you also have a strap that allows you to carry it around effortlessly until you are done with your cleaning session.


The main disadvantages come from the bags, that you have to keep buying as time passes by and the brush tool can’t do very well on pet hair. Even though there is a wide variety of attachments that you can purchase for the model, it isn’t the best upright vacuum cleaner choice for pet owners that aren’t willing to put in extra money.

Bags – Even though most people see the bags as a plus, since you don’t really have to worry about emptying a dust bin, there are also many who see them as a downside. And that is perfectly understandable since they constantly add to your spending and it makes them less than optimal for people who are on a budget.

Not Great For Pet Hair – The model isn’t really advertised as a pet hair one, but its kind of expected for upright vacuum cleaners to do well in dealing with pet hair. With this particular vacuum, you will have to pay a bit extra and purchase a special pet hair attachment, if you have any furry friends.


The Hoover Platinum Lightweight is one of the best upright vacuum cleaners for this price tag and gets a well-deserved 9 out of 10 from us. If there weren’t so many people disappointed by the bags and the weak performance when it comes to pet hair we wouldn’t give it anything less than a solid 10. Both of its major downsides are not deal breaking and most people can easily go around them.

This model is a great choice for everyone, looking for a powerful, lightweight vacuum that is quite multifunctional and offers a wide variety of attachments. However, if you are a pet owner, you should ask yourself if you are ready to pay a bit of extra money for a pet hair attachment and then some more every once in a while for the bags. If the answer is yes, then you won’t be disappointed in this model. If the answer is no, then there are plenty of other pet-oriented, bagless models currently on the market!

  • Powerful Suction
  • Multifunctional
  • Lightweight
  • Uses Bags
  • Needs attachment for pet hair
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