Eureka RapidClean – The Best Handheld Vacuums On A Budget

This handheld vacuum review we will cover the Eureka RapidClean 41A. With this model Eureka have once again demonstrated to everyone how to make a proper low priced vacuum. The RapidClean is a quite powerful, corded model with a pretty decent reach and utility for its category.


Technological Details

The Eureka RapidClean offers 6 amps of cleaning power that can deal with whatever challenge you put it against. It does equally as well on bare floors, carpets, staircases and hard surfaces. It is a corded model, but its reach is long enough to avoid any problems and inconveniences. The cord is 25 feet long and the hose can stretch up to 3 feet as well, adding up to a 28 foot long reach system, which puts it on par with many other, much more expensive solutions. The model is also bagless, which makes for easy cleanup and fits the whole cheap and functional approach pretty well. The model is of course very lightweight and compact, just like all the models in our best handheld vacuum series. The most interesting thing here is the fact that the product was designed specifically with staircases in mind, and in that it blows away any competitors in its price range. Both of the cleaning accessories that it has on its disposal can deal perfectly well with their given type of staircases and again allow it to compete with much more expensive products.


Cleaning Accessories

The Eureka RapidClean comes with a few tools that make its job easier. In the package, you will find a Bare Floor Brush and a On/Off Brushroll. The first tool is great for dealing with hard surfaces like bare floors and non- carpeted stair cases. The brushroll is designed to handle all the rest – carpeted stairs, upholstered furniture and carpets.



The main advantages of the Eureka RapidClean lie in its suction, lightweight, long reach,and ability to deal with stairs. This combination is rather unique nowadays and shapes up a model that is more than worthy of being in our best handheld vacuum cleaner series. Even more impressive is the fact that the eureka engineers managed to implement all these great functions without getting outside of their usual price tag, resulting in a very impressive, low priced model.

Powerful Suction –  Once again, the number one quality that we look for in a model is the suction. And the Eureka RapidClean has enough suction power, not only to qualify, but to blow most of its competitors out of the race as well.

Great Reach – Given the fact that the model is designed for staircases, this is no surprise. However, 28 feet is quite the impressive range for a handheld model, as it comes close to what some canister vacuums can offer.

Cheap – All the positive qualities of the model look even more impressive once we take its price tag in to consideration. A vacuum that is both so powerful and so accessible is a rare sight indeed.



The biggest downside of the Eureka RapidClean lies in the way it has to be maintained. Not that you have to do anything all that difficult, but the sheer amount of things to watch out for (like not getting the filter wet) is more than what most people find acceptable.

Difficult maintenance – This is a big no-no for some people, as when they buy a vacuum cleaner, they don’t really expect to put this much effort into keeping it up, especially when the model is a bagless one.


The score once again depends on your personal preference. If you are a person that doesn’t mind some extra time and effort, then the whole difficult maintenance won’t be a problem for you. In such cases, the Eureka RapidClean is a superb choice and should be considered as a 9.5 out of 10. However, if the special treatment required by this model isn’t your cup of tea, you might want to rethink your vacuum selection. In such cases, the RapidClean gets an 8.

However, regardless of your personal preference, the combination of features and price tag in this model make it one of the best handheld vacuum cleaner choices on a budget, that is currently available on the market, and no downsides can change that. And since there is nothing that is absolutely perfect, everyone has to settle for the next best thing.

  • Powerful Suction
  • Lightweight
  • Great Reach
  • Difficult maintenance
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