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In this canister vacuum review we will go over a very popular, low price choice – the Eureka 3670G Might Mite. It is by far one of the most popular products in amazon’s canister category, mostly because the price tag on it makes it accessible to almost anyone. There is of course a multitude of other reasons that allow it to rise above the competition, and we’ll try and go over most of them in today’s review.

Something that has caused a lot of confusion around this product is its name. In some sites there are similar looking products with the numbers 3670 (at some places they are referred to as 3670A). These models have a weaker version of the motor and are cheaper, but other than that they look very similar, and people who aren’t paying much attention can easily get confused by the whole deal. The other product isn’t too bad either, but let’s stay focused on why the 3670G Might Mite is one of the best vacuum cleaner models currently on the market.

Technological Details

This compact canister vacuum cleaner is powered by a very nice 12 amp motor, providing it with decent suction. It is more than capable to quickly deal with most cleaning tasks, leaving nothing behind. This is a great thing for such a light and small model, especially when we take in to consideration the low price tag. It does equally well on carpets and rugs of all kinds, what it does best is hardwood floors, tiles and other types of flat flooring. It loses very little suction when changing surfaces. The very light weight is a great feature for a canister vacuum cleaner model, as it gives it way more usability – you can easily carry it around, up and down stairs and outside too, if you decide to use it on your car for example. On the downside, it does not feature a HEPA filter, which is kind of confusing, since it is advertised as a HEPA model in many places.

Cleaning Accessories

Accessories and attachments are one of the greatest strengths of canister models, and the best canister vacuum cleaners usually are the ones who are capable of supporting the widest arsenal of attachments. This particular vacuum has a few of the most basic tools in the box: a combination tool, crevice tool and a turbo nozzle. It does, however have a neat trick up its sleeve, as it can be also used as leaf blower on top of its other features. It does offer the option for some extra attachments, which gives it the needed multi-functionality to compete with the other low priced models.


Here are the main things which convinced us that the Mighty Mite deserves the best canister vacuum title for the low price range.

Powerful – The motor is amazingly powerful for this tag. In reality, it is very hard to find people who are unsatisfied with the suction of the model (apart from the groups who expect it to be able to match vacuums from the $1000 price ranges). It is one of the best of its category and even motor power alone is enough to make it rise above the competition.

Low price – The Might Mite is by far one of the least expensive canister vacuum cleaner models on the market. This makes it accessible for almost everyone, and assures that it has a place on every canister vacuum review site and blog.

Lightweight – Because it’s made of many plastic parts, the model is exceptionally light, which makes transportation and usage very easy. No more dragging heavy giant canisters up and down the stairs whenever you want to clean up the basement or the attic. The compact Mite can easily be carried with one hand causing no discomfort.

Awesome for hardwood floors – Even though it deals relatively easy with most cleaning tasks, the Mite does best on hardwood floors. When combined with its lightness, this makes it one of the best canister vacuum choices for people who own larger properties with different flooring.


That’s enough for the positive sides, now let’s take a look the negatives. Cause even the best canister vacuum cleaners have their downsides.

Plastic – This is a big turn off for some people. Just because the price tag is low and the vacuum is made out of plastic does not mean that it will instantly break. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of canister vacuum review sites saying that it outlived their expectations with many years.

Loud – Sadly, the plastic parts do not muffle the sounds too much, which makes the vacuum quite loud. And to be fair, if you are a person who can’t stand the vacuum cleaner noises, this might be a big thing for you. We have encountered a bunch of reviewers complaining about this and if you have the same issue, then it would be best if you had a look at some other products.


We can easily give this vacuum a 8.5/10. It is reliable, has powerful suction, and it’s very lightweight. Not to mention how cheap it is. The negative sides are mostly personal preference, even though some people find them deal breaking. And that’s perfectly okay. When looking for a cheap vacuum cleaner it’s extremely hard to be picky about the cosmetic details, but there are in fact other models that are well-made and cost relatively the same as this one. This model has been on the market for a couple of years now and stands proudly on top of most best seller and best canister vacuum cleaner lists. Based on that data alone, one can make a very easy decision about the worth of the product. But since you are here to read about our opinion – it’s a great product. And if it wasn’t worth the money, it wouldn’t be featured in our best vacuum cleaner series.

  • Great Suction
  • Cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Great for hardwood floors
  • Plastic
  • Loud
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