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This upright vacuum review will feature one of Dysons’ most popular products. Dyson are one of the best upright vacuum designers, and their products are often used as an example of great quality. The DC 41 Animal Complete is by far the most successful high-class model to come from the DC series. Despite the high price tag, the DC41 Animal is very popular , which is rarely seen. Usually, the market is dominated mostly by the cheaper, more accessible models, but somehow this one made it through to a large user base.

Technological Details

Suction-wise the DC41 Animal Complete is one of the most powerful models of the series, with its 235a/w. The other one that is close is the standard edition DC41 Animal, which lacks a few of the tools and properties of its newer counterpart. The DC41 Animal Complete is a very multifunctional vacuum, capable of dealing with every floor type that you put it against. The cleaner head is designed to adapt automatically to all floor surfaces without losing any suction. It does, of course use the typical for the series Cyclone technology, which allows it to capture every bit of dust and dirt it comes across, as well as, just like the name states, pet hairs. It is in fact, one of the best upright vacuum choices for pet owners out there, if they aren’t considering the price tag too high.

The maneuverability of the DC41 Animal Complete comes from the Ball technology, which makes turning around and operating in tight places extremely easy. The multitude of plastic parts that the model is made of may turn some customers off it, but in reality all it does is decrease its weight. In the end you have a lightweight, easy to navigate model that is surprisingly resilient.

Cleaning Accessories

They don’t call it Complete for nothing. The vacuum comes with a wide variety of tools in its box, that are designed to help it deal better with its multiple tasks. Of course, we have the standard brush, combination and stair tools, that are always present. Then there are the more specific extras, such as the tangle free turbine tool, a stuff bristle a multi-angle brush, and zorb carpet powder.


Powerful – When we take into consideration the fact that Dyson are one of the leading companies when it comes to upright vacuum designs and the other one where the DC41 Animal Complete is one of the most powerful in its series, there is very little left to question. Suction-wise what we are talking about here is one of the best upright vacuum cleaner models that can currently be found on the market.

Pet Hair – Given its name, it should not really come as a shock that the model is very good at dealing with all types of pet hair. And even though there are a lot of pet oriented vacs nowadays, picking a good one is always a hard task. On the other hand, not so many people are willing to purchase separate models just to clean up after their pet, so the multi functionality of the DC41 comes in handy.

Great for all types of flooring – Another nice thing about the model is the fact that it has no trouble adjusting to various flooring types. On hard flooring, the base plate goes down, generating a seal, while the brush bar goes up, to protect the delicate surface. On carpets, the plate goes up and the brush goes down, allowing for excellent penetration and removal of all dirt and pet hair from any depth.

Lightweight and Maneuverability – Those features are really expected out of most upright models anyway, but the DC41 Animal Complete brings them to a whole new level. The multiple plastic parts lower the models’ overall weight by a lot, while the special Ball tech makes taking turns a child’s play.


Now, for the negatives. And even as good as the DC41 Animal Complete may sound, it still has bad sides.

Pricey – This is by far the greatest negative factor of the model. There are not many people willing to pay this much for an upright vacuum, considering that it isn’t hard to find a decent canister model for the same money. This is the very factor that drags its scores down in multiple upright vacuum reviews as well.

Plastic parts and wiggling – This is the second big turn off for customers. People rarely like high class models that are made of so many plastic components. It makes them feel as if the model is fragile and can fall apart any minute and even though that is not true, it is generally very disliked.


We are giving this model a 9/10, for its amazing suction and great overall multi functionality. On the negative side, the plastic parts and the whole “cheaper than it is” look don’t really help since the price tag is quite high, putting the product next to other high class models.

However, the fact that the model is extremely good at what it does cannot be denied, even by the most pretentious upright vacuum review mediums. The multi functionality here comes close to what you would expect out of a canister model, which is really great since it is priced way lower than most high class canisters.
To all pet owners, we can only say that if you are looking for a high class, lightweight and easy to maneuver pet hair model, then this is possibly the best upright vacuum cleaner for you!

  • Very Powerful Suction
  • Great for Pet Hair
  • Great For All Floor Types
  • Lightweight
  • Pricey
  • Plastic Parts
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