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Here we will go over another Dyson model, the DC40 Multi floor. Just like the name suggests, the vacuum is supposed to be able to deal with all kinds of flooring – from carpets to bare floor. The model ends up being one of the best upright vacuum cleaners in the medium price range, as there are few other products that can match it in cleaning power or utility. The somewhat lower price tag makes it a lot more accessible as well, avoiding the typical for Dyson price problem.

Technological Details
The suction power, offered by the DC40 Multi Floor is very decent, just a tad bit lower than what higher class models can offer. Just like its name suggest, it is a very flexible vac, capable of dealing with all types of floor surfaces. It has the ability to self-adjust to whatever surface you are cleaning to avoid suction loss and streamline the whole vacuuming process.
The model of course, just like the rest of the DC series, utilizes the Radial Root and Ball technologies. The radial root is meant to always provide you with the maximum possible suction at any given time, while the Ball gives the DC40 Multi floor great maneuverability.

Cleaning Accessories
On the cleaning accessories front, the DC40 Multi Floor falls a bit behind. What it comes with is included in the typical starter vacuum kits – a combination tool and a stair tool. Even though that does not seem like a lot, in reality you can deal with most of the typical household tasks, just using these two basic accessories. For those of you, who are looking for more diversity in cleaning options, buying additional attachments might be recommended. There is a variety of different tools that you can grab for the DC40 Multi Floor, like the Hard Wood Tool, the Matress Tool or the Soft dusting brush. There are so many possibilities here, that the model somewhat comes close to a canister product rather than an upright one.

What makes us recommend the DC40 Multi Floor as a potential best upright vacuum cleaner you ask? Well let’s see now.

Powerful Suction – The model offers very decent suction power for its price range, coming very close to some of the more expensive products, that are way higher class. And while it can’t exactly compete with all canisters (especially high-class ones) the DC 40 Multi Floor is more than capable of holding its own against the competition. When put between similarly priced products, the model easily stands out with its superb suction.

Great for all types of flooring – That’s where the name Multi Floor comes from anyway. The vacuum is very capable of dealing with all flooring types without the usage of extra accessories. This does not mean that you can’t increase its performance via attachments, however. Yes, it does great on bare floors even as it is, but if you put on the correct attachment, the work will go faster and easier.

Lightweight and Easy To Navigate – Here we have a feature that is typical for the entire DC series. The combination of the Ball technology and the multiple plastic parts make the models very light and give them the ability to take turns easily. Getting tired carrying this model is an achievement of its own, as it has been specifically designed to be lighter than most of the competition.

Every time we suggest a model as a candidate for the best vacuum cleaner title, we do not forget to point out its bad sides as well. Because if all of them were so perfect, why would you need our vacuum reviews anyway?

Rug problems – The powerful suction of the model can cause a somewhat comical situation when dealing with small, light rugs. Many people have found it to actually pick up the whole rugs, which makes cleaning not only awkward but slower as well, since every once in a while you have stop for a bit.

Plastic parts – This is somewhat of a general complain when it comes to the whole DC series. Overall, people rarely like any model that is above the low price range that has multiple plastic components, since it makes them look way cheaper and more fragile than they really are. And while the plastic parts do play their part in the lower overall weight of the models, they remain a big turn off for a lot of customers.

The DC 40 Multi Floor gets a 9/10. Mostly because its negative sides aren’t nearly as important as its positive ones. Sure, if you want a vac that looks amazing and has no plastic parts in it, then this may not be the best upright vacuum choice for you, the way it looks will in no way have an impact on its performance.
The model is in fact very solid and can take a few accidental hits, regardless of what its plastic outlook may lead you to believe. This, of course, does not mean that you can be reckless with it. The better you take care of your vacuum, the longer it will be able to serve you.
Hopefully this upright vacuum review was helpful to those of you interested in the DC series and the DC40 Multi Floor in particular. Recently people have started to heavily underestimate the capabilities of the middle class upright vacs when there really is no reason to do so – most of them are awesome choices.

  • Powerful Suction
  • Does Well On All Floor Types
  • Lightweight
  • Plastic Parts
  • A Bit Awkward On Rugs
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