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This canister vacuum review will be focused on one of the middle price range models, the Dyson DC39 Multi floor. This product is a very solid choice and even if we don’t often review Dyson models because of various different reasons, they still have a bunch of really good canister vacuums. This model comes from the DC39 series just like DC39 Animal and it shares many of its qualities, despite being designed for a different purpose. In fact, the Multi Floor performs very well in almost all situations that you put it in, showing the world that it’s worthy of the best canister vacuum title. And after giving customer feedback another look, we decided that it really should be included in our canister vacuum review list, since people are pretty happy with it.

Technological Details

The Dyson DC39 Multi floor is powered by a fairly powerful motor, considering it’s a middle class vacuum cleaner, and is more than capable of handling household tasks. Just like the name suggests, it performs best on various types of flooring – hardwood floors, low, medium and high-pile carpets and rugs. It will still do a fairly good job at vacuuming other stuff such as drapery or your furniture, but that’s not where it shines, really. Unlike some of their other products, this model is very sturdy, and can take a lot of hits without getting damaged. This of course does not mean that one should be reckless with their DC39, but it’s a big plus considering accidents happen from time to time and knowing that your canister vacuum can take a few hits is a great thing. The model is moderately light – isn’t the lightest thing around but it wont be too much of a burden to carry it up a flight of stairs for example. It is also very mobile. What grants it so much mobility is the Ball technology. To put it simple – instead of wheels, the vacuum uses a big ball, which makes it very easy to maneuver around your home and make turns.

Cleaning Accessories

The model comes with the standard for canister vacuum cleaners Combinations and Stair tools, as well as a nozzle which can be used for dusting. These attachments are more than capable of handling the basic cleaning needs of your home. If you are looking for additional tools, there are a TON of them available on the market. You can have things like turbine tools, soft dusting brushes, mattress cleaning accessories, flexible crevice tool for those really weird places between your furniture and the wall, car cleaning kits and many more. The variety is incredible, matching that of even the greatest Miele products. And, just like we’ve point out in our previous reviews – the best canister vacuum cleanerss are those that have the best suction combined with the best accessories.


Here are the other things that made us consider including the DC39 Multi Floor in our best canister vacuum review series.

Powerful – First and foremost, of course comes the power output. The model has quite a powerful motor, which makes for a simply stellar suction. It fares really well when compared to other models of the same price range, and there are very few people that can complain about the power of the Dyson DC39 Multi Floor.

Durable – Despite the many plastic parts it has, the vacuum is very durable, coming close even to Miele’s type of durability. Customer reviews are generally very pleased with its ability to take a punch since, like we all know, accidents happen.

Affordable – This model stands right in the middle of the canister vacuum cleaner price ranges. It makes it accessible by a large amount of people, and it has incredibly good features for its price tag.

Great maneuverability – Thanks to the Ball technology, the vacuum is very mobile and it has no trouble making turns even in the tightest of places. It makes it stand out when compared to the competition especially when trying to clean awkward spaces.

Awesome for all types of flooring – Regardless of what flooring type you have in your home, this model can handle it all. This makes it a great choice for people who have different rooms setup with different flooring types. If you are one of the people who have a hardwood floor in their living room, carpets in the bedroom and rugs in the kitchen, then this is one of the best canister vacuum cleaner choices that you can make.


Well with all that praise, it’s time to turn and have a look at the negatives. Like we always say – even the very best vacuum cleaner has some bad sides.

Plastic – Yes, this product has many plastic parts, and people hate that. And really, many find it hard to believe that they would design an expensive model in such a way. But let’s give it a thought shall we? If it had less plastic parts, it would be heavier, and that would be even worse!

Not that great for pet hair – Well, it isn’t like the model is advertised as a pet hair one (that would be the Dyson DC39 Animal), but it doesn’t really do very well when you are trying to clean up after your pets. You can improve its performance by a whole lot if you grab the corresponding attachment, but if you are a pet owner, it’s best to just look in to the DC39 Animal.


We give this model an easy 9/10. It has great suction, its solid, affordable and has a wide variety of attachments to choose from, should you feel like purchasing extra accessories. On the bad side, it does poorly when it comes to pet hair, and even the attachment doesn’t change it too much. Its also made of plastic, which people generally dislike. Plastic seems cheap and bad, and you can’t really blame them, since the majority of the plastic products are bad. But here the plastic parts actually serve to make the vacuum lighter and don’t really have a negative impact on its durability.This model has been out for some time, and most of the major vacuum cleaner review sites have already put it in their top lists. Overall it is one of the best vacuum cleaner choices in the middle price range.

  • Great Suction
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Awesome for all types of flooring
  • Plastic
  • Bad for pet hair
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