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DirtDevil AccuCharge – The Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners On A Budget

In this review we will be having a look at another very popular model, this time coming from Dirt Devil. The Dirt Devil AccuCharge 15.6 Volt Cordless has proven that it is one of the best handheld vacuum cleaners for this price tag multiple times now. It offers unmatched utility and suction power on top of its already light weight and amazing battery life. Just like the name suggests, the model uses a special energy source that recharges twice as fast as normal batteries and lasts way longer. This allows for prolonged cleaning sessions without any worries.

Technological Details

The Dirt Devil AccuCharge’s 15.6 volt battery provides you with powerful suction that makes short work of all types of spills, dirt and dust. The special battery allows the AccuCharge to function for longer than other vacuums and since the model is cordless, you can easily maneuver around and clean up the whole house with no worries whatsoever. The vacuum is bagless, which makes cleaning the container very easy and requires no additional investment. Just like you would expect from a handheld model, the The Dirt Devil AccuCharge is lightweight and compact, making it easy to store, transport and use.

Cleaning Accessories

The The Dirt Devil AccuCharge, like many handheld products doesn’t really need much fancy attachments to take care of your home. However, the model succeeds even where other similar products that don’t depend on attachments fail. It has no problem at all to deal with any types of crevices and harder to reach places, thanks to the quick-flip crevice tool.


There aren’t many models that are as popular as the AccuCharge and even most of the ones that are, can’t really compete with it on other parameters. The AccuCharge is one of the best handheld vacuum cleaner models for this price tag, especially when it comes to dealing with larger living spaces where it takes more time to clean everything up. Where its competition would be struggling for battery power or cord length, the DirtDevil has no issues carrying on.

Powerful Suction – Very few products of the low price range can stand up to the The Dirt Devil AccuCharge when we are talking about suction power. The model performs really well in pretty much any task that is included in its description and there are only a handful of complaints about it, opposing to thousands of positive responses.

Lightweight – One of the most important qualities of a handheld is its weight. The lighter the model the better.

Accessible – The price tag on the Dirt Devil AccuCharge is very affordable to the general public and this makes it the preferred handheld vacuum cleaner of people who are on a budget.


When we compare this model to some of its competition we can easily see its biggest downfall. The AccuCharge doesn’t do well with pet hair, and if you are a pet owner you should avoid purchasing this model, unless you already have other pet vacuum cleaners in your home.

Not Good For Pet Hair – Sadly, this is a handheld vacuum cleaner stereotype that the AccuCharge fails to fulfill. This makes it a poor choice for pet owners, unless they are picking it up as a supportive vacuum.


We give the Dirt Devil AccuCharge an 8.5 out of 10. This can easily be read as a 9.5 out of 10 if you are not a pet owner or you have a separate vacuum that you use to take care of pet hairs. The biggest upside of the model remains its low price tag. This makes it very accessible to almost everyone and allows it to really shine.

The suction power of the model is fairly above average for its class, allowing it to easily stand up to all competitors. When we add to that its light weight, its mobility (due to the lack of cords) and the long battery life, we end up with a combination that is very hard to beat. And there certainly aren’t many other models that can come close to what the DirtDevil AccuCharge brings to the table. The combination of its features and very few downsides have earned the model a rightful place in our best handheld vacuum series. And if you are looking for a solid handheld choice on a budget we can wholeheartedly recommend it.

  • Powerful Suction
  • Lightweight
  • Long Battery Life
  • Bad For Pet Hair
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