The Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners – Top 10

Choosing the Correct Upright Vacuum

Here we have the ten vacuum cleaners that are currently the best choices in the upright category. As usual, we have featured various different types, brands and price ranges, for everyone to have their pick. It’s important to remember that every vacuum cleaner in existence has its own upsides and downsides but if you use them to their strengths you won’t be disappointed.

We never feature models that have deal breaking downsides, or anything that is not worth its price tag. In our list you will only find models that have been approved by various other vacuum medium as well as tons of positive customer reviews.

In our table you can see a column that might be a bit confusing for those of you who are new to vacuum cleaners. These are the “Recommended For” lists things that the particular model excels at and should not be taken as “is only useful for”. If you feel like any of the vacuums interests you, simply click on the “Read More” button and you can read our complete review.

Dyson DC41 Animal is our most expensive suggestion. This is one of the most popular high class models, especially when it comes to dealing with pet hair. It offers superb reach, powerful suction and great maneuverability, while performing exceptionally well on all floor types.The model makes use of the radial root cyclone technology, to capture and hold in dust, dirt and pet hair with ease, eliminating the need of vacuum bags. This is one of all round great suggestions, with the high price tag being its main downside.

Dyson DC40 Multi Floor is a high class model with superb suction power that is designed to be able to handle multiple floor types, just like the name suggests. There are very few upright models that can stand up to its power and multi functionality and this allows it to always earn a pretty high score. Just like the other models from the DC series, the DC40 makes use of both the Cyclonic Root and Ball technologies. As a result of that, this vacuum has both superb maneuverability and no need for bags. The most critical downside of the DC40 is its awkwardness when it comes to dealing with carpets, and as such is not a recommended model for carpet owners.

Miele S7210 Twist is our only suggestion that comes from Miele in the upright category. The model is a medium priced one, but has the ability to easily stand up to most high class ones, with its 1,200 watt motor and awesome maneuverability, thanks to the swivel neck technology. Sadly, it comes with a rather big negative, especially when we consider that its an upright model – it is quite a bit heavier than most of the other medium priced models. However, the Twist still has no trouble reaching even the most awkward places in a home and cleans them up in a flash, remaining one of the best models currently on the market.

Dyson DC24 Animal is our final Dyson suggestion. It also is a part of the DC series, inheriting the suction and maneuverability traits. Just like the name suggests, the model is the predecessor of the DC41 Animal and is just as awesome for pet hair as the newer model. It can also swivel, just like the Miele Twist, allowing to reach awkward places, under furniture and around tables. The main downside here comes from the rather short reach, offered by the DC 24, which makes it undesirable for people who live in larger homes.

Shark Navigator Professional is our first Shark model in the upright category. It is a medium priced vacuum, that comes with the usual for shark stability and multi functionality. The model is lightweight and powerful enough to deal with pretty much any domestic task. This model also applies a swivel neck technology, allowing it to go beneath furniture or heavy book cases. And even though there is no “pet” component in its name, it comes with an array of pet hair attachments, allowing it to compete on that front as well. The main downside here is that the vacuum heats up with usage and begins to blow out hot air, which most people might find highly unpleasant.

Shark Navigator Elite is our second Shark product, the Shark Navigator Professional’s successor. The main difference between the two models, if we disregard the small price tag gap is the fact that the Elite has better dust storage, a bit larger dust bin and somewhat less hot air being blow out. Sadly, the whole hot air thing hasn’t been solved completely in this model and it still persists, annoying many customers. However, this is its main downside and for people who are capable of ignoring it, this is an awesome model and an all around improvement over the Professional.

BISSELL CleanView is our best vacuum under 100 in the upright category and a great example of a cheap and efficient model. There are many who complain that its plastic parts and low price tag combination make it look really cheap and unreliable, but this is only cosmetic and does not affect the vacuum’s performance in any way shape or form. The model is surprisingly quiet for a model of its price tag, making it perfect for larger families or couples with newborns. The other big plus brought by the plastic parts is the reduced weight – there are very few people who might feel discomfort when they decide to carry the CleanView around. All in all this is the best upright vacuum cleaner choice if you are on a budget.

Hoover FloorMate Wet&Dry is our only Wet& Dry model. The vacuum is great for all types of flooring with its SpinScrub approach which leaves no dirt or spills in its wake. The model does lack maneuverability and since it can’t swivel around, it performs bad when it comes to dealing with corners or awkward edges. However, this is not what it was designed to do. Its real strength lies in dealing with all types of spills, dirt and even pet hair left on all types of floors, and it is amazing at it.

Shark Navigator NV22L is our third Shark model. This is a product of the medium price range that can stand up to many higher priced vacuums in both suction power and multi-functionality. The Navigator can very easily maneuver around a home, go under furniture and around corners. It is also great for pet hair and can deal with all types of flooring – tiles, hardwood floors and bare flooring. The main downsides of the model come from the Turbo Brush being quite noisy. Since this is the tool that you will be using the most, it is unwise to purchase this model if you dislike noisy vacuums.

Hoover Platinum Lightweight is our last suggestion for the upright category. This is, just like the name suggests, a very light and multifunctional model. Due to its unique design, it can be used both as an upright and as a handheld-canister model. This fact made it quite hard for us to decide where to feature it, but it can easily compete with pretty much any other upright product and it was going to be unfair to compare it to handhelds due to its suction power. The biggest downside here is the fact that you will have to purchase a pet attachment if you have any furry friends, as the model doesn’t deal great with pet hair without it.

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