Best Home Air Purifiers 2018

Your health and health of your family are highly important.We should not be aware of breathing only when we breathe heavily. Nowadays, in the world of pollution and global warming, we forget to start from the scratch- our own houses. Keeping your home healthier environment will directly imply your own happiness and soundness. One of the best ways to secure the fresh air in your home is with the best home air purifier.

Now, in this air purifiers review, we will be talking about the Best Rated Home Air Purifiers and characteristics you should look for when buying one.

Why do you Need Air Purifier?

First of all, in order to understand the importance of air purifier you need to know what these particles can do to your health. They can penetrate your lungs and, God forbid, cause some unwanted health problems, especially for allergic sufferers.

Simply speaking, an air purifier is using a fan to pull in dirty air, remove pollutants, allergens, and provide clean, fresh air. Furthermore, in this review, we will be talking about advanced air purifiers with, so-called, HEPA filters. HEPA filters are high-quality filters that can capture 99.97% of airborne particles with a size of 0.3µm.

This way, not only that you will make your home healthier environment, but also keep you and your family safe from these unwanted particles.

Things to Consider About Air Purifiers for your Home

There are few things that you should consider before buying an air purifier.

First of all, they use a fan. Find those with a quiet fan. There is nothing more annoying than something buzzing every often.

Secondly, match the size of a room with purifier’s power. Anyhow, purifiers are rated by the square foot. Therefore, if you intend to buy one for a big room, consider taking those that can cover whole room effectively.

Furthermore, considering the different size of allergens that are flying around, there is Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) to help you decide which air purifier is the most effective for certain types of allergens. Generally speaking, there are 3 different sizes of allergens- smoke, dust particles, and pollen.

Depending on which one of these 3 you want to remove, chose a type of air purifier that is most effective for a particular allergen.

Finally, as we mentioned CADR lets now explain how it works. There are certain ratings that CADR gives depending on the size of a room and wanted efficiency. For example, in order to completely and effectively cover one room of 100-square foot, you are going to need at least 75 CADR rating (2/3 of your room size).

This way, CADR will provide you with the info about what is the most suitable power of one air purifier for your room.

Considering everything that we previously said about air purifiers, we will present you some of the Best Rated Home Air Purifiers on the market.

Some of the Best Home Air Purifiers in 2018

InvisiClean Aura 4 in 1 Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter

With 4 levels of cleaning, HEPA filter, activated carbon prefilter, UV-C light, and ionizer this air purifier might be everything that you need in order to completely clean and purify the air around you.

This air purifier will effectively capture up to 99.97% of particles, such as dust, allergens, germ, and viruses. CADR rating of this air purifier is 170 CFM (cubic feet per minute), which means it can fully cover a room of 220-square foot.

InvisiClean Aura Air Purifier - 4-in-1 Air Purifying System with True HEPA Filter, Ionizer, Carbon Pre Filter + UV Light...

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Furthermore, it has dual filter system- True HEPA filter and activated carbon prefilter. First one is effective when it comes to small particles, pollen, viruses, and allergens, while another one is in charge of a bit larger things- dust and hair. On the other hand, filters will last 6-12 months, which depends on the air purifier usage. After that period, they should be changed.

Also, there are UV-C light and ionizer. The UV-C light is highly effective against germs, bacteria, and viruses. Lonizer is something that will sanitize and purify the air. Both, UV-C light and ionizer can be turned off/on separately.

This air purifier has amazing features. It is quiet working purifier with 4 fan speeds- low speed, medium, hard and a turbo mode for faster and optimal air circulation. There is a timer button (2,4 and 8 hours) and a sleep mode for turning off all of the lights on purifier while sleeping.

Item weighs only 8.4 lbs, hence, it highly portable and switchable from one corner to another. The purifier is safety tested by Intertek with ETL for Electrical Safety and Ozone Emissions and UL-867 approved. It comes with 3-year warranty and pays good value for the cash.

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GermGuardian AC4825 3-in-1

This high-quality 3-in-1 air purifier comes with HEPA filters that are perfect for allergens, dust, and viruses. Advanced technology filters will capture almost 100% (99.97%) of particles and save you from unwanted allergies or respiratory disease. It can detect allergens and dust as small as 0.3 microns.

Other than that, there is a UV-C light that effectively eliminates germs. Furthermore, charcoal filter will capture odors. All in all, it will completely refresh your room in very brief time, easily.

Also, CADR rated this air purifier 100+. In other words, it’s recommendable for small and medium-sized rooms. It has a great appearance, good design and it is standing 22-inches tall purifier. It is lightweight and easily portable through the rooms.

GermGuardian AC4825 3-in-1 Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter, UV-C Sanitizer, Captures Allergens, Smoke, Odors, Mold, Dust, Germs, Pets, Smokers,...

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HEPA filters should be changed every 6-12 months (depending on usage). There is filter change indicator to signal you when filters should be changed.

As we mentioned, it’s important that air purifier makes no noise whatsoever. This air purifier has 3 different speeds. One of them is a low speed that runs ultra-quiet. Also, one of the amazing features of this air purifier is UV bulb replacement indicator.

Simply speaking, this air purifier is great for killing airborne germs, such as staph, influenza, and rhinovirus. Even if some of them survive, there is titanium dioxide from the UV-C light to reduce remaining organisms.

Finally, air purifier comes with 3-year warranty.

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Levoit Air Purifier Filtration

What you get with this air purifier is fresh and smoke, contaminants, and odor-free room. It has a unique 3-stage filter system. First one is true HEPA filter. True HEPA filter is well-known for its quality and efficiency. It captures up to 99.97% of particles. There is Pre-filter as well, for some of the larger dust particles and hair.

Finally, there is activated carbon filter as a final touch. All in all, this 3-staged filter system will secure fresh and healthy environment for you and your family. This air purifier is ideal for those that suffer from allergies and nasal stuffiness.

Levoit LV-H132 Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter, Odor Allergies Eliminator for Smokers, Smoke, Dust, Mold, Home and Pets, Air...

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The air purifier is 100% Ozone free. It’s not using UV or ions that often produce trace amount of measurable ozone, a harmful air pollutant.

There is an option to adjust speed, hence, it has 3 speed settings- low, medium and high. When you are sleeping, this purifier sleeps as well. It has gentle night light with two brightness settings.

When it comes to its unique size, an air purifier is lightweight and it’s ideal for smaller rooms or office. It is a portable item and easily movable from one corner of the room to another.

As every other filter, this air purifier also demands a change of filters. It’s the best to change it every 6 months, but anyway, it depends on the air quality of your area. Important to know: remove the plastic bag of the HEPA filter and charcoal filter before running this air purifier.

One of the guarantees of quality is 2-year warranty and a lifetime support.

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PureZone 3-in-1 True HEPA Air Purifier

One of the best ways of purifying the air is with PureZone 3-in-1. True HEPA filters are there to ensure capture of 99.97% dust, pet dander, smoke, mold spores, pollen, and odor. The second wave of protection is an UV-C light that safely destroys bacteria, germs, viruses, and fungi.

It has pre-filter and activated carbon filter as well. This will neutralize all the germs, viruses and bacteria. This may be the best protection for your health, and health for those surrounding you.

When it comes to the noise this air purifier makes, we are speaking of only 30dB. Therefore, PureZone will work silently and provide you restful sleep and easier breathing.

The purifier is simple to install. Anyhow, it sets up in few seconds and it’s suitable for immediate use out of the box. There is an optional automatic timer for shutdown with 2, 4 and 8 hours adjustable panel.

PureZone 3-in-1 True HEPA Air Purifier – 3 Speeds Plus UV-C Air Sanitizer – Eliminates Dust, Pollen, Pet Dander, Smoke,...

$99.99 $129.99
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Anyhow, filters are changeable and it’s the best to change them in a period of every 6 months. Now, there is a filter reset indicator that will let you know when will be the best time to change them.

Also, there is a 3-speed fan for better accommodation to the needs of the room. It has low, medium and high speed. When on low speed, you won’t even notice that air purifier is in the room.

It can cover up to 200-square ft. When it comes to power, it works on 120V, 50HZ, and 60W.

Finally, this air purifier comes with industry-leading 5 years of warranty.

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Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover

Now, if you are looking for a great allergen remover that can cover up to 465 sq. ft. this might be the best solution for you. It has 4 cleaning levels. First one is germ cleaning level. It will capture all unwanted germs and prevent any kind of health issue that these little things can cause. There is also general clean, allergen and turbo leaning level.

When in turbo mode, there is no chance for any particles to fly around. Furthermore, this air purifier has automatic shut-off on 2, 4, and 8 hours. Simply adjust wanted shutdown and after this time the device will automatically turn off.

Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover, 465 sq. Ft, HPA300

$199.99 $249.99
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When used in recommended room size, air purifier filters and circulates room 5 times within one hour. That is a synonym for excelling performance. Also, air purifier uses true HEPA filters that will catch up to 99.97% germs, allergens, dust, and other unwanted particles.

Anyhow, with this air purifier, pollutants will be continuously drawn in. With activated pre-filter, you will be free of VOCs, gases, and odors. This pre-filter should be replaced every 3 months for the best performance. As on every other air purifier, HEPA filters should be replaced every 6-12 months, depending on your environmental pollution.

Also, there is a light (filter changing reminder) that will hint you when is the best time for a replacement. This air purifier is AHAM verified and granted with so-called, energy star qualification, by the U.S. EPA.

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Holmes Small Room 3-Speed HEPA-Type

This compact air purifier might be the best solution for small-sized rooms or offices. With its true HEPA type of filtration, it will eliminate almost 100% of airborne particles, smoke, dust, pollen, odor, and pet dander. It will effectively remove particles as small as 2 microns.

There are 3 possible cleaning speeds. You can adjust it as you wish. Use a lower speed when you are in a coziness of your own home, enjoying and tired of any noises. It will be quite with continuous purification. There is a higher speed for powerful air purification, but it can be noisy, so better use it while you are out.

Anyhow, the air purifier is compact and can be positioned vertically or horizontally anywhere. It is small, can fit anywhere, and with its quietness, you will forget that you have one. The best performance of this air purifier can be seen in a room up to 109 sq. ft. size.

Holmes Small Room 3-Speed HEPA-Type Air Purifier with Optional Ionizer, Black

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There is one amazing feature- optional ionizer. It will naturally improve air purifier’s performance. In other words, negative ions will bind smaller particles, such as dust, odor, and smoke, forming larger particles that are easier to capture by HEPA filters.

This air purifier belongs to affordable price point category and pays great value for the cash. It can be a cheap solution for a fresh air and healthier environment.

Finally, air purifier comes with 3-year warranty.

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Hamilton Beach TrueAir Allergen-Reducing Ultra Quiet

What is the most interesting about this product is its filtration system. It is the best-quality HEPA filtration but with one small difference- permanent HEPA filtration. That means no filters should be replaced once a year and automatically will save you from those unnecessary expenses. Filtration is great and will capture up to 99.97% of flying particles, such as dust, allergens or pollen.

Now, there are 2 replaceable carbon zeolite filters that will neutralize pet odors effectively. They should be changed every 3 months. Also, there is a convenient reminder in form of a timer that will count 3 months for you and remind when would be the best time for their replacement.

Hamilton Beach TrueAir Allergen-Reducing Ultra Quiet Air Cleaner Purifier with Permanent HEPA Filter and Specialized Odor Reducing Filter for Pets...

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When it comes to permanent HEPA filtration system, you will only need to maintain them by simply vacuuming these filters.

With good CADR rating, it will be the most effective in rooms with 140 sq. ft. size. Furthermore, it has 3 speeds. Low is an ultra-quiet operation that will secure you not only fresh air but silence as well.

Anyhow, this air purifier belongs to a lightweight category (6.3 pounds), and you can easily move it from one corner of the room to another. It can be positioned both, horizontally or vertically.

The air purifier pays great value for the cash, simply because there are no additional expenses due to HEPA filtration system replacement.

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GermGuardian AC5250PT 3-in-1

This lightweight, a portable air purifier is one of the best-valued purifiers on the market. With excelling performance in removing particles, GermGuardian is surely proud of this product.

It has 2 filtration systems. First one is true HEPA that will ensure capturing of 99.97% of allergens, dust, pollen or pet dander. On the other hand, it has so-called, pet-pure treatment that’s an antimicrobial agent added to the filter in order to inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria on the surface of the filter.

Also, air purifier has charcoal filters to reduce unpleasant odors from pets, smoking, and cooking. Furthermore, there is a second wave of defense- UV-C light. This UV-C light works with titanium dioxide in order to exterminate airborne viruses, germs, bacteria, and mold spores. This will secure fresh and unpleasant-free air that could compromise your health.

GermGuardian AC5250PT 3-in-1 Air Purifier with Pet Pure True HEPA Filter, UV-C Sanitizer, Captures Allergens, Smoke, Odors, Mold, Dust, Germs,...

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CADR rated this one with 125+, hence, it’s suitable for medium or large-sized rooms. An air purifier is 28 inches tall with a digital display on which you can control UV-C light, choose from one of the 5 speeds, and time shutdown (up to 8 hours). It has ultra-quiet speed (lowest one) that will ensure peaceful and fresh environment.

Since filters are changeable, you can check a timer on display that shows the best time for their replacement.

Furthermore, air purifier belongs to affordable price point category and pays great value for the money. The most important- it can prevent some health problems that little particles can cause.

An air purifier is Energy Star qualified with 5-year warranty and works on 120V, 60H.

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Air Purifier, Koios 5 in 1 Air Cleaner

Now, the difference between this and other air purifiers is two-sided ventilation system that reduces odors much faster. Standard HEPA filter has 3 stages of filtration that are removing up to 99.97% of airborne particles such as germs, viruses, pollen, allergens, and bacteria. Everything that is small as 0.3 microns will be drawn in.

Also, there is a pre-filter system and activated carbon filters that help effectively remove the unpleasant pet, smoking or cooking odors that dwell around your living or working spaces. Now, CFM is 140m3/h and can cover up to 387 sq. ft room effectively.

Air Purifier, Koios 5 in 1 Air Cleaner with Smart Filter Reminder, 6 Speeds Adjustment, Child Lock, Timer and Air...

Last update was in: November 20, 2018 6:19 pm

Furthermore, there are 6 different speeds of this air purifier. First (the lowest one) is a quite working method that will reassure silent work without any disturbance. On the other side, there is the strongest setting (turbo mode) that produces no more than 60dB.

As almost any other filter, these HEPA filters are changeable, and there is a reminder that will point out 2000 hours of working. That is a sign when filters should be changed.

There is one amazing feature of this air purifier- “Auto mode”. That means the machine will monitor the quality of air in your room, and indicate its quality with different colors. The green one is the best quality air, orange stands for good quality and red is a bit problematic.

Built out of the finest materials, this air purifier is efficient, reliable, and 100% ozone-free. That means it doesn’t use UV light or ions that produce trace amount of measurable ozone, a harmful air pollutant. The product is CE/FCC certified, tested and approved. It comes with 12-month warranty and has friendly customer service from Koios.

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Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 Ultra Quiet HEPA

This well-designed BiosGS 2.0 air purifier is one of the best on the market. With unique filter method, it can cover large rooms up to 625 sq. ft. Not only that, it can filter large space twice within one hour on the highest setting (turbo mode).

Furthermore, it has unique 4 stages of protection and purification. A great difference in BiosGS filters is that they can last up to 3 years unlike standard ones with 12 months lifetime. They are based on 12 hours daily operation.

Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier (SPA-625A Tone Leaf)

1 new from $419.95
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Also, there is a pre-filter protection to ensure there are no larger particles left such as dust or pet hair. These filters are washable and you should clean them every often.

Simply speaking, air purifier has quiet BLDC motor that operates at five different speeds. When on silent mode at low speed, you won’t even notice that there is an air purifier in your room. It’s discrete and sleep-friendly.

It has energy star certificate. That means you won’t be having any energy bill problems since its usage is minimized.

Therefore, this air purifier is of a great value. It will minimize the usage of energy and filters will last longer than any others. You will be saved from a lot of unwanted and unnecessary expenses.

This air purifier comes with five-year warranty and 24/7 lifetime technical support.

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Alen BreatheSmart Customizable

Alen BreatheSmart is a top-notch air purifier, and the best way of describing why is through its features.

First of all, it can cover up to 1100 sq.ft. room. That might be the biggest capacity on the market. It will effectively eliminate dust, allergens, and viruses in less than 2 hours. Also, it is fully customizable with 14-panel color options to match your home decor.

Alen BreatheSmart Customizable Air Purifier with HEPA-Pure Filter for Allergies and Dust (White, 1-Pack)

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Furthermore, it has an auto mode to detect and adjust to changing air quality. It is quiet and won’t break the silence or disturb your sleep. With this air purifier, you will get quick start guide for easier installation.

Part of the quality of this product lies in its energy star certificate. That means it doesn’t use a lot of energy, in fact, only 105 watts on the highest speed.

The guarantee of quality is a lifetime warranty that manufacturer offers to their customers.

Final Word

In the light of everything we said, there are few things to consider about air purifiers. First of all, they use a fan that sometimes can produce annoying buzzing sound. Therefore, find a quiet one. Secondly, make sure that air purifier can cover your room size. In relation to this, there is CADR rating that will imply what purifier is the most suitable for your room.

We have pointed some of the best air purifiers out there. Considering their effectiveness, portability, overall performance, and durability, these air purifiers are some of the best on the market. They all pay good value for the cash and having one in a home can really make a difference when it comes to a health and soundness of one’s family.

Therefore, choose from this list of air purifiers and stop those annoying particles from invading your home.

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