The Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners – Top 10

Choosing a Handheld Vacuum

In this article you can find short summaries of the ten best handheld vacuum cleaner choices according to our research. In our table you will find not only different brands and price ranges, but also quite a bit of different functions. We aim to provide you with a wide variety of models to choose from, because everyone has different needs.

While we will never promote products with huge cons, it is important to remember that nothing is perfect, and even the best handheld vacuums found in this very article have downsides as well.

If you are familiar with our previous reviews, then reading the table above should be an easy task. However, if this is your first time on our web-site, maybe you can use a bit of an explanation. The “Recommended For” column is mostly there to show what a given model excels at and does by no means imply that it won’t work for anything else – we would never include such a product. And if you find some model to be relevant to your liking, you can use the “Read More” button and go to its respective full review.

Below you can find a short summary, covering the models from the table.

Eureka EasyClean 71B is one of our cheapest and most popular suggestions. This handheld model offers amazing suction power for its low price tag, coupled with low weight and the ability to easily deal with pet hair. Like most handhelds, it is meant for furniture, staircase and car cleaning. It can also deal with bare floors quite well, thanks to its brushroll. The main downside here comes from the somewhat shorter reach, which makes cleaning larger spaces a tad difficult.

DirtDevil AccuCharge is also an accessible and popular model, with its 15.6 Volt suction power and great battery life. Like it’s easy to spot from the product’s name, this vacuum has a powerful, long lasting battery as one of its main features. On the upside, it is very lightweight and convenient, but sadly this comes at a hefty price – it has a difficult time dealing with all sorts of pet hair.

Black & Decker Dustbuster CHV1510 is one of the best vacuum cleaners under 100 to ever come from the Black and Decker company. It offers great suction power, amazing reach (thanks to its special design) and the ability to easily deal with small awkward spaces. Sadly, it shares its main downside with the AccuCharge above – it is quite hopeless when it comes to pet hair.

Dirt Devil Scorpion is a very cheap and lightweight solution that brings along amazing suction power and reasonable reach. It is designed like most leading Dirt Devil products, with functionality and efficiency in mind. Since the company usually aims to create cheap models for years now, they have been perfecting their formula for years, and the Scorpion is a shining example of that. Its biggest downfall is the fact that it is very loud. This alone brings down its rating by quite a bit, as handheld models should be anything but loud.

BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser is yet another low class suggestion, this time from the BISSEL company. This is a very easy to use, compact and lightweight model, that offers very good suction power and utility for its price tag. On top of that, it is a great choice for pet owners, as it has been designed with pet hair in mind. And while there are certainly models that are more powerful than the Pet Hair Eraser, they are way above its price tag.

Hoover Platinum LINX is one of our most expensive suggestions. The LINX is a high class handheld model with a long lasting battery, powerful suction and great utility. The model is cordless, offering freedom and mobility and its battery grants fade free power – even as it gets more and more exhausted, your vacuum will not lose suction. The main focus of the model is of course pet hair, and for that it is almost unmatched in its category. With all this being said, the big downside of the model comes from its rather high price tag.

Black & Decker Platinum is another one of the expensive products featured in our best handheld vacuum series. The things that earned its place in our list were its great suction power, light weight, great reach and ability to deal with pet hair. Here it is important to note that the pet hair features are not the main goal of the product and it is not marketed as a pet hair vacuum, yet puts a lot of the specialized products to shame. On the flip side, the Black & Decker Platinum is a bit louder than what people would expect out of a model of this caliber.

Dirt Devil BD1017 is another low- medium priced model that specializes in all round cleaning jobs, car, staircase and upholstery vacuuming. Just like our other suggestions, it is very good when used for what its meant for, but the lack of attachments sadly prevents it from being a multifunctional vacuum. Still, it can stand up to most handhelds within its category and even quite a few above it.

Black&Decker CHV1410L is another medium priced model coming from the Black and Decker company and yet another suggestion of the Dustbuster series. This is the predecessor of our other suggestion – the Black & Decker Dustbuster CHV1510. The models share most of their qualities, with the CHV1410L being a bit more expensive but offering longer battery life. The main disadvantage of this model lies in the fact that it makes a lot of noise, especially when compared to the CHV1510.

Eureka RapidClean is our last Eureka suggestion for this top ten summary and our final suggestion. It is, like most Eureka products, a very cheap, yet solid and reliable handheld vacuum cleaner, which is a sure recipe for popularity and client satisfaction. It shines above most of the competitors, with its suction power,light weight and great reach, only being held back by some maintenance difficulties.

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