Best Carpet Sweeper: 2018 Reviews and Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best carpet sweeper product for your home or commercial needs? Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of different products out there and can’t seem to decide which is best for you? You have come to the right place!

We are here to simplify the process for you and hopefully after reading this article you might spend less time scanning through hundreds of products and just skip right to purchasing the best sweeper for carpet on Amazon/Market at pocket-friendly rates.

How to Choose a great carpet sweeper?

These were the criteria we looked out for when we were sifting through hundreds of products on Amazon:

  • Lightweight: The carpet sweeper should be light and easy to carry about after all the idea is to have something to replace your bulky vacuum cleaners.
  • Easy to use and clean: How easy it is to dump out the dirt after sweeping.
  • Durable: The material the product is made up should have a sturdy, quality feel to ensure its durability.
  • Home and commercial application: The ideal floor cleaner should be able to handle most residential and public spaces.

After a detailed evaluation of the best carpet sweeper products in 2018, here are our Top 5 Picks!

Fuller Brush 17029 Electrostatic Carpet and Floor Sweeper (Fresh Mint)

Free shipping
Last update was in: November 20, 2018 6:18 pm

BISSELL Swift Sweep Sweeper, 2201B

Free shipping
Last update was in: November 20, 2018 6:18 pm

Rubbermaid Commercial Galvanized Steel Floor and Carpet Sweeper, 9.5-Inch L x 8-Inch W x 44-Inch H, Black (FG421288BLA)

Free shipping
Last update was in: November 20, 2018 6:18 pm
$31.48 $73.54

Shark Rechargeable Floor and Carpet Sweeper, 13 inch (V2950)

2 used from $59.44
Last update was in: November 20, 2018 6:18 pm
$69.97 $89.99

Swivel Sweeper Max RED

Last update was in: November 20, 2018 6:18 pm

Fuller Brush 17029 Electrostatic carpet and floor sweeper

Are you tired of moving those bulky vacuum cleaners around your room or the coffee shop?This carpet sweeper might be just what you need. This product is a simple to use, portable cleaning solution ideal for those hard to reach areas, featuring a compact design with lightweight trays and a long handle.

The Fuller Brush 17029 works like a breeze on the carpet and most wooden floors, picking up even tiny pieces of pet hair and is quite easy to dump out.All you need to do is push on the small black trays and it pops right open.

This carpet sweeper is so lightweight that both old and younger consumers will find it easy to handle.After use, it can be conveniently hung on a wall with a hook via a slit on the handle. We totally recommend it for both home and commercial uses!

What we liked about it:
  • No electricity required to operate. Just get right to noiseless sweeping!
  • This product works very well on most surfaces, picking up very tiny pieces of dirt and dust. I used it on hardwood and my oriental rug and it got all the dirt out.
  • It’s low enough to go under most furniture and can access restricted areas due to its small size.
  • It’s easy to store. The Fuller Brush 17029 can be taken out from storage just like a broom. Unlike some other floor sweepers, the handle pieces don’t just push to close but are screwed together. We can’t recommend this carpet sweeper highly enough.

What we didn’t like about it
  • The product was smaller than we expected, given how it was displayed on Amazon. We were a bit disappointed.
  • If you own pet and get a lot of litter often, you might need to spend more time sweeping the same area to really pick everything up. I found that some users on Amazon had the same complaint.
  • We noticed that a lot of cat hair got stuck to the rollers and it was not so easy dumping them out without getting the hair back on the floor. We had to use a come to manually brush all the hair out which was quite exhausting.
  • The handle sometimes unscrews itself when in use. A bit annoying because we couldn’t resort to superglue as the product needed to be taken out of the house daily.

Overall, we enjoyed the portability and light weight of the Fuller Brush 17029 Electrostatic carpet and floor sweeper. You might want to keep an eye out for it on Amazon.

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BISSELL Swift Sweep sweeper 2201B

Based on our in-depth review of this floor sweeper we can call it one of the best carpet sweepers on Amazon now.One cool feature about this sweeper is that it can work in both forward and reverse motion with triple-brush design to work in 360 degrees.

This carpet sweeper is ideal for deep cleaning your carpets as it can remove tiny pieces of dirt like pet hair and lint. It features two dustpans with a rotating brush roll with a low design that will easily slide under your furniture. All this comes with a durable steel construction, weighing only 3 pounds.

I personally wish I had found this on Amazon earlier because I had been looking for a handier alternative to my bulky vacuum cleaner which weighs several kilograms. I am sure a few shoppers would be going through a similar situation.

The BISSELL floor sweeper also has a rechargeable battery that can keep working for up to an hour after being fully charged, enough power to clean your rooms many times over before having to recharge. Get the BISSELL Swift Sweep sweeper 2201B on Amazon.

What we liked about it:
  • The battery lasted longer than we anticipated. After a full charge, I used the carpet sweeper for my small bedroom four times before I needed to recharge the battery.
  • Triple brush design enables it to reach certain restricted areas of the room with ease.
  • It feels like a quality item in your hands. We loved the sturdiness of the steel construction. Thumbs up to the manufacturers!
  • We found it ideal for light cleanups only. Try to push it to do more work and it might just dump some of the dirt back on the floor.

What we didn’t like about it
  • Two little side brushes stopped spinning after heavy usage for a couple on months. Another Amazon consumer reported the same issue. I want to think this happened because I overused the floor sweeper a bit during over the period, but oh well they should be made to take a beating, right?
  • It picks up dirt only as you push it away from you. When you pull it back, it usually just drags the dirt around the place which I found a little annoying.
  • The battery life eventually declined after 4 months usage. Again, I want to think this was to be expected, given my excessive usage.
  • To pick up all the dirt you must go a bit slower sometimes.

We must say that the product is not all bad, honestly. We beat it up a lot during use, so that might explain why we ran into some problems. You might use it more properly and get a better result, so we recommend it.

Price History for BISSELL Swift Sweep Sweeper, 2201B


Current Price $27.10November 20, 2018
Highest Price$28.12May 4, 2018
Lowest Price$21.22April 9, 2018
Since December 21, 2017

Last price changes

$27.10June 17, 2018
$27.34June 15, 2018
$28.02June 11, 2018
$27.30June 9, 2018
$27.18June 5, 2018
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Rubbermaid Commercial galvanized steel floor and carpet sweeper

This Rubbermaid floor sweeper is a compact mechanical product offering one of the best bangs for the buck we have seen on Amazon.If a lofty price tag will be a deal breaker for you might want to consider going for this one.

Rubbermaid product is an effective cleaning solution for all types of floor surfaces, quickly removing dust, lint, pet hair and debris from your surfaces. The sweeper features dual bumpers and easy to empty dirt trays. It is also lightweight, easy to use, store and clean.

This carpet sweeper is made from the galvanized steel material and tough plastic to ensure durability. The soft rubber wheels can easily slide under furniture and hard to reach areas with an impressive 6.5-inch sweep path.

Think of it as a less than 40 investment to save you the cost of employing more labor workers. We highly recommend this product for home and commercial usage.

What we liked about it:
  • The low-profile design of the product made it easy to sweep hard to reach areas. It also comes with a bumper to protect your furniture.
  • It is quite easy to dump out the dirt. The debris pans are designed to open and close easily when you push down.
  • Cleans the rooms quietly and efficiently. We particularly love the fact that the Rubbermaid carpet sweeper almost makes no noise at all!
  • Inexpensive. A good product with a small price tag.

What we didn’t like about it
  • We discovered that the handle on this carpet sweeper falls apart often. Some other customers that bought complained of the same issue as well. In our case, we simply taped the handle with duct tape and it was fine afterward, although we do not think this should be a serious issue.
  • Sometimes we had to go over the same areas repeatedly before the device picked all the dirt up. We found this a bit tiring in use.
  • It performed much better on our oriental rug than on a hardwood surface. On the hardwood area, it dumped some of the dirt back on the floor while going over the same spot to pick up pet hairs.
  • We noticed that some of the brushes were flat on one side. Initially, we thought this was a minor design flaw that would pop back open, but that didn’t seem to happen, so we had to make do with what we had.

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Shark Rechargeable Floor and carpet sweeper, 13-inch (V2950)

Do you mostly have light to medium sweeping needs for your home and office? If yes, you might want to look at this carpet and floor sweeper you will want to try. We tested this product extensively over a few months and will like to recommend it to you.

This product features a powerful brush roll that is motorized and capable of sweeping debris of any size with the option of two variable speeds (High and low). The battery lasts around 55 minutes.

It features a back saver handle that folds, giving it that low profile that can glide easily under your furniture. We also found it to be lightweight and easy to maneuver on different kinds of surfaces.

Another great feature is an edge cleaning squeegee that swiftly retrieves little debris from your walls and edges. With so many positive reviews from other customers on Amazon, we have no qualms recommending this product to you! Get the Shark Rechargeable Floor and carpet sweeper on Amazon

What we liked about it:
  • Decent battery life: We used this floor sweeper 4 times from a full battery charge before we had not plug it in again. We must say that it used it to sweep a small room, and it might be different for other sizes of apartments.
  • It picks up dirt efficiently. We used this carpet sweeper on both hardwood surfaces and an oriental rug. You do not need to hover around the same spot repeatedly like most other products we have seen.
  • Unlike most floor sweepers it can pick up fairly large pieces from the floor. I once picked up a nickel using this floor sweeper. How cool is that?

What we didn’t like about it
  • The handle breaks easily. For the product we tested, the handle got damaged after two months of use, although we think it could be due to our heavy usage of the item.
  • The battery life reduced after daily use for about three months.
  • The handle of the sweeper is quite long. The length is best suitable for taller people, so we did not find it easy using it.


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Swivel Sweeper Max

This might be one of the best products we tried. It is a lightweight floor and carpet sweeper that is capable of rotating 360 degrees to reach restricted areas of the house.

This floor sweeper packs about 30% more power than the original model. It removes pet hair and dust particles efficiently from hardwood surfaces, rugs, carpets etc.

It is battery-operated and comes with a charging cable. We were able to clean our room 4 times before we had to plug it in.

We highly recommend Swivel Sweeper Max. You might want to look out for it when next you shop on Amazon.

What we liked about it:
  • Performs better than most other products within its price range. It picked up practically all the dirt from a variety of surfaces.
  • It is compact and easy to use, weighing only 2 pounds.
  • The battery life remained quite decent over time.

What we didn’t like about it
  • The battery cord was adapted for European users so for an American user it will need to be changed to fit specifications. This needed to have been mentioned clearly in the product description.
  • With heavy usage over 3 months, a section of the rotors stopped spinning.
  • The handle is a bit delicate. It doesn’t feel too sturdy.


  • All prices mentioned above are in United States dollar.
  • This product is available in
  • At you can purchase BISSELL Swift Sweep Sweeper, 2201B for only $27.10
  • The lowest price of Shark Rechargeable Floor and Carpet Sweeper, 13 inch (V2950) was obtained on November 20, 2018 6:18 pm.

There you have it! Our top 5 picks for Best Carpet Sweeper on Amazon. Now to announce our winner… Drumroll…

Swivel Sweeper Max!

We chose this product because it stood up very well to most of our criteria. You can tailor our criteria to best suit your cleaning needs and budget from here on.

Happy shopping!!!

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