The Best Canister Vacuum Cleaners – Top 10

Picking The Right Vacuum

The ten vacuums listed here are, according to our research, the best vacuum cleaner choices that are currently on the market. We have tried our best to pick different models from all classes, so that our reviews are useful to everyone. In our suggestions you can find both budget solutions and top tier models, each with their pros and cons. Of course, you can’t expect a $50 model to match the performance of a $500 one, but you can be sure that neither one of them will let you down if you use them accordingly to their strenghts.

The “Recommended For” column in our table is there to serve as a general guideline, since we are talking about canister vacuums after all. The greatest strength of this vacuum type comes with the attachments – every attachment bringing new possibilities and cleaning options. However it isn’t really possible to reflect all this in the short summaries. If you are looking for more info about the individual products, click the “Read More” button, which will take you to their review pages.

Miele S2121 Olympus is one of our medium price range suggestions . As such, it features a 1,200 watt motor, a long cleaning range and a HEPA Filter. The model uses replaceable bags which makes it maintenance a bit expensive as you have to keep buying new bags with time. The Olympus offers a 29.5 feet wide cleaning radius and is excels at dealing with low pile carpeting, rugs and smooth flooring. Purchasing additional attachments will increase the models’ multi functionality and allow it to perform great in other tasks.

BISSEL Zing Bagless is one of the best vacuums under 100, offering great suction and decent maneuverability. It has two major downsides – it makes a lot of noise and it is composed mainly out of plastic components, which make it look cheaper than it actually is. This model performs best on hardwood flooring but also does fairly well on various carpet types. Just like the name suggests, it uses a dust bin that is easy to maintain and saves you money from buying bags.

S8390 Kona is a great example of what a high quality vacuum is supposed to be. On top of the stellar suction it offers great maneuverability, a very wide cleaning raidus of 33 feet, it’s very quiet, lightweight and has excellent filtration. The model performs exceptionally well on bare floors as well as rugs and low pile carpeting. It does, however use bags, which add a bit on top of its already high price tag.

Eureka Mighty Mite is a great low priced solution for people looking for small, lightweight models. It offers decent suction for its price range, and performs very well on hardwood floors, bare flooring and tiles. On the negative side, the Mite is mostly plastic and quite loud, which make it impractical for some people. However it still remains very popular due to its low price and great accessibility.

Dyson DC39 Multi Floor is a model of the medium price range, which is awesome for people, who have a wide variety of flooring types at home. It has no trouble switching between bare floors, hardwood floors, rugs or carpets. Its major downfall, however, is the fact that it deals very poorly with pet hair, which makes it undesirable for pet owners. It has a 27 feet long electrical cord and a 10 feet long hose, which give it superb cleaning range and the Ball technology provides it with awesome mobility.

Eureka Electrolux Sanitaire is a very decent model, which stands between the low and the medium price ranges. It offers very nice suction, its very lightweight and durable. However, it is mostly plastic and quite loud so you may want to avoid using it while others are resting or having a conversation in the next room. It does well on hardwood floors, carpets, bare floors and upholstery.

Panasonic MC OptiFlow is a great,quiet and multi functional model of the medium price range. It performs very well on all types of carpet and bare floors, and has no trouble dealing with pet hair, which quickly turns it in to a great choice for pet owners. It does have its downsides, however. Not only is it heavier than other models of the same caliber, but it also happens to be louder. It doesn’t have the longest of wands either, which shortens its cleaning range. These things don’t really hurt the models’ performance all that much, but do matter a lot in certain situations.

Panasonic MC CG902 is a very nice vacuum with features that stand in the middle between medium and high price ranges. The model is very quiet, with quite the powerful motor for its price tag. It performs very well in most cleaning tasks, which immediately allows it to rise above most of the competition without any issues. On the downside, the model is a bit heavier than the norm for its class and the carpet indicator is dim and you will also need to purchase extra bags once in a while.

Miele S2121 Capri is yet another great model of the medium price range. It is very quiet, lightweight and durable. It does very well on carpets (especially the low and medium pile ones), rugs and smooth flooring. On the negative side, many people find it somewhat pricey and the feel that the plastic parts don’t really fit the price tag all that well. The hose might also be a bit short for some. Again, as with other Miele products, there is a wide variety of attachments to choose from, further increasing the models’ functionality.

Miele S8990 UniQ is our most expensive suggestion. And as such is the model that we feel gives you the best bang for your buck from the high class vacuums. It performs exceptionally well in all types of domestic tasks – floors, carpets and rugs. The model comes with a wide variety of extra tools, an Active HEPA filter and 12 Stage AirClean Sealed System. It is very durable, and Miele state that the average life expectancy of the model is 20 years. The most major downside of the UniQ is obviously its price tag, followed closely by the fact that it still has plastic parts. The plastic parts, however, do play a big role in the vacuums’ weight, making it one of the lightest high class products that you can get.

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