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Shark Press and Refresh Review – Best Handheld Travel Steamer 2018

The Shark Press and Refresh (GS500) is not any nonsense product that is meant to assist you when traveling abroad.

Have you ever been sent for an immediate meeting in another city such that you end up packing your clothes in a hurry? Well, the results are not pleasing since the clothes end up getting all creased up. In such a case it is ideal that you have a portable clothes steamer that you can easily carry around for such emergencies. One of the best and most recommended handheld garment steamers is the Shark Press and refresh Steamer.

This is easy to use a clothes steamer, and the best part is that does not require an ample storage space. So you just slip it in your suitcase, I mean how cool is that! from the following shark fresh and refresh reviews, we are going to see some of the best features that make the presser to be among the best shark clothes steamer.

Shark Press and Refresh (GS500) – Best Handheld Travel Steamer

The steamer was invented by the shark company which is widely known for making household devices. Some of the gadgets that Shark are well known for include the house vacuums cleaners and the shark steamer mops. Now they have come up with this great clothe steamer that leaves your clothes free of creases and fresh as well.

Who is this product for
I would recommend this handheld garment steamer for everyone who is looking for an easy to work with a garment steamer. These people include the housewives who wish to remove some creases from their husband’s shirt in the morning before they head to work, You can use it to remove wrinkles from a pillowcase or a curtain. Another group of people who can use the shark clothes steamer is the people who travel often. If you don’t have enough time to press your clothes before you pack them in your suitcase. But, with a shark steamer, you can use it anytime and anywhere. The fact that it is made of a small size makes it ideal for traveling to different places. 

Shark Press and Refresh (GS500)- Special Features

Quality steamer: The shark garment steamer is designed for professional steaming. Therefore it can be used to remove creases from different kinds of clothes instantly.

Portable: You don’t need to go around the hotel room looking for an attendant to help you remove creases from your shirt. This is because the shark garment steamer is designed in a small size that enables you to carry it around. So all you need to do is slip it in your suitcase, and you will be good to go.

Wrinkle Eraser: No matter how creased your clothes are, rest assured shark clothes steamer will completely erase all the wrinkles from your clothes. Also, the ability of the device to continuously produce steam makes it possible to work on large garments.

Verticle press pad: You don’t require a pressing board since the equipped verticle press pad provides a smooth and reliable surface for ironing your clothes from anywhere. The pad also enables one to apply pressure on the clothing while working on it.

Long cord: The steamer has a long cord which measures about 15 feet long. This enables one to work from different heights on various fabrics like the curtains or the hanging clothes.

Warranty: Once you purchase the shark clothes steamer, you are provided with a one year warranty against the manufacturer’s defects.

Has 1580W and 200 Meltwater tank: The power allows one to have a continuous supply of heat while ironing the clothes while the water enables one to have a constant supply of steam for about 60 seconds.

Form the above information; we can conclude that this is one of the best and most reliable steamers on the market. It has excellent features that make your ironing experience to be quick and easy.

Customers reviews

I am pleased by the steady build of the steamer. I would recommend the steamer for those who need an efficient and easy to use presser. It works just like the regular iron, but it takes less time too.

The shark garment steamer is versatile since it can be used on different garments. A lot of customers find this quite convenient since you don’t need to be cautious while ironing your clothes.

The steamer works quite fast, for example, I can iron double amount of the clothes that I usually iron using the traditional iron box.

The steamer is excellent works correctly, but I find it to be bulky. I bought it for my mother-in-law, and she always complains of how her hands get tired of using it. But, overall the gadget is user-friendly and works well. Would I recommend it to anyone? The answer to this is a big yes!

I find this steamer not convenient since the tank is quite small hence the water runs less than a minute.It time-consuming to keep on adding more water to the reservoir.I had some problems in learning how to use the shark steamer at the beginning, but once you master the appropriate techniques, it becomes easy and fast to use it.

Comparison with another steamer

Shark garment steamer is the best among other competing brands. This is because it is designed with great features and its functionality is of high quality. Also, the steamer can be used by everybody whether you are traveling or you just need a steamer for using at home.

Frequently asked questions

Question: Can I use it to remove wrinkles form a table clothe?

Answer: Yes it is entirely possible, just make sure you hang it for easy removal.

Question: How do I start and turn off the gadget?

Answer: The gadget is not equipped with an on and off button. It starts automatically when you connect it to the power source.

Question: How long does it take before I add more water?

Answer: It depends on the extent of creases on the shirt or the number of clothes that you are pressing. But note that it is quite easy to add water as you continue to iron the clothes.


From the above Shark Press and Refresh reviews, we can conclude that Shark Fresh and refresh Portable Garment Steamer is the best garment presser for people who need a device that is quick to use. It is also ideal for travelers since it is designed in a small size that makes it fit in a suitcase. Also, from the customer’s reviews, we can see that a lot of customers prefer this steamer over the traditional iron since it is quite easy to use and efficient as well. It works twice as the standard iron and can be used on any garment making it one of the most reliable garment steamers in the market. Although the price is a bit high, rest assured you will be getting a gadget that is worth it and durable too. Make sure you are given a warranty while purchasing the device for quality purposes and also order from a reliable dealer.

10 Total Score

  • The shark steamer is designed with durable and quality materials that guarantee durability.
  • It is very fast and removes creases within few seconds.
  • It is powerful.( it has a power usage of 1580 W).
  • It is packed with one year warranty.
  • Can be used on a variety of clothes.
  • It has a small water reservoir.
  • Some customer has complained about the device being too bulky.
  • You may experience leakage problems if you put too much water.
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