Shark NV501 Review – Shark Navigator Elite

In this upright vacuum review we will be having a look at yet another Shark product. The Shark Navigator Elite Professional Lift-away shares many traits with a model that we have previously covered. The main benefit offered by the Elite version is the size of the dust bin as well as a bit more powerful suction. Usually, most vacuum reviewers only cover one or the other, but we have came to the conclusion that both are worthy of your attention and as such, both should be featured in our best upright vacuum cleaner review series.

Technological Details

The Shark Navigator Elite Professional offers exceptional suction, backed up by its powerful 1200 watt motor. There aren’t many models in the medium price range that can match up to its suction power which gives it an edge over the competition. Again, just like with the other Shark model, we have the advanced cyclonic technology taking care of any potential clogging. This ensures that the vacuum will never lose suction. Another big feature of the Elite is the extra-large dust cup with the anti-allergen complete seal, that capture almost every dust particle and allergen, making the model a superb choices for customers with various allergies or health problems. As per usual with medium price models, HEPA filtration is included as well.

Cleaning Accessories

The Shark Elite shares the tool set of the Shark Navigator Professional – a hard floor attachment, a power brush and crevice tools. Even though these attachments sound generic and simple, they make the model perfectly capable of dealing with pretty much any task or problem. On top of that, you have the very powerful, motorized brush roll, which can handle carpets and bare floors with ease.

So why did we include the Shark Elite as well? What makes it so special in comparison to other models? Well, it’s not so much it being special or amazing in a single area but rather the general performance of the model. It is one of the best upright vacuum choices for people who are looking for a balanced, solid model of the middle class.

Suction Power – The 1200 watt motor can make short work of any dust and dirt in your home, without leaving any trace or problems behind. It’s really easy for the Elite to outperform most other models of its price range and it can even compete with some high-class models.

Great for carpets and bare flooring – The motorized brush roll does extremely well on carpets and bare floors, leaving no trace of dust in its wake. It’s very easy to operate and gives the Elite yet another edge over the competition.

Great For Pet Hair – The fact that the vacuum isn’t even advertised as a pet oriented model, yet can deal with pet hair just as well as the best upright vacuum cleaners for pet hair is just bonus points in our book. A great choice for pet owners by far.

Maneuverability – The Elite is very easy to navigate, thanks to its design. You can easily swivel around furniture, difficult to reach places and staircases. This also makes cleaning under chairs and couches very easy.


On the downside, the most notable mention is its weight. The model is heavier than the Shark Navigator Professional Lift-Away and that is quite the negative factor, especially for people with medical history. However, this doesn’t really stop it from being one of the best upright vacuum cleaner choices on the market at the moment.

Hot Air – Sadly, the Elite shares this problem with the Navi Proffessional. The vacuum emits a lot of hot air from the front, making prolonged cleaning annoying.

Flexibility issues – The flexible hose sadly isn’t as flexible as one would expect. There are a bunch of displeased customer reviews describing it as not very stretchy or even stiff.


Despite the above issues, we can easily give the Shark Navigator Elite Professional a 9.5 out of 10 .Even though it is a bit heavier than its cheaper counterpart, it is nowhere near the dangerous weight for healthy individuals. The hot air and flexibility problems experienced by some customers, while annoying, aren’t really deal breaking for most. And for a product of the middle price range, we believe that this vacuum does its job extremely well. It is great for pet owners and for houses with various types of flooring.

We at VacuumConsult keep saying that there is no ultimate best vacuum cleaner, but only products that are well designed to fit certain needs. For this model to be the best upright vacuum for you, your home should have both bare flooring and carpets, and you should own pets. It’s also better suited for people with no previous medical issues. It is relatively light, so even the elderly should have no issues with carrying it around.

  • Powerful Suction
  • Great For Pet Hair
  • Does Well On Bare Floors
  • Great for Floors and Carpets
  • Lightweight
  • Blows Out Hot Air
  • Hose Not Very Flexible
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