Sanitaire SC3683A Review – Commercial Canister Vacuum Cleaner

In this canister vacuum review, we are going over a somewhat underrated product from Eureka. This little vacuum falls in the higher end of the low price range. This causes a lot of complication for the product, since people expect way more out of it than from other cheap products. This leaves some people disappointed and lowers the overall ratings of the vacuum unfairly. In reality this is one of the best canister vacuum products that Eureka has to offer and it is indeed quite capable of competing with many of the medium price range models.

Technological Details
The EUK SC3683A is a fairly powerful canister vacuum cleaner, even more so if we take into consideration its price range. The motor is capable of completing any task that an eureka or a Bissel model can tackle and can even stand up to some of the more expensive Dyson and Miele products. It also is very lightweight – only 10 lbs. This makes cleaning up stairs, cars and even the ceiling a very quick and easy task. The cable length is 20 feet, which is again better than what most of the competition has to offer. The model itself is very sturdy, and can take quite a few hits without breaking which is great, for something that’s made mostly out of plastic components.

Cleaning Accessories
The model comes with a bunch of telescopic metal wands, that will extend your vacuum’s operating range and allow you to reach the locations that would otherwise be difficult to clean. Then we have the deluxe dusting brush and the crevice tool. Those are pretty standard for most vacuums and are ment to take care of your general cleaning needs. The model also comes with a shoulder strap, that makes it easier to transport and use and a 7′ hose. If you are looking for extra accessories, you can grab additional tools, such as the Eureka Power Paw Turbo, which helps with pet hair cleaning. Like we often say – the best canister vacuum cleaners are those that have the best accessories. The same applies here.

Despite the low scores in some canister vacuum review directories, we believe that this model deserves better, and so do the hundreds of happy and satisfied customers. Here is what makes the Electrolux Sanitaire one of the best canister vacuum cleaners of the low price range according to our research.

Powerful – Again, first place goes to the power output of the motor. Like we mentioned above, it is more than capable of competing with the competition, a little bit better than what most low price models have to offer and is a tad more powerful than some of the middle price products. There are hundreds of positive customer comments concerning its power output.

Cheap – It isn’t the cheapest canister vacuum cleaner on the market but it still is a low priced model that can compete with many high priced vacs.

Durable – Even though it is a largely plastic, cheap model it is very durable and can take quite a few hits. Most people find it surprising, given the fact that it has many plastic parts, but this only contributes to its lightness.

Lightweight – The low weight makes transportation very easy. This allows you to clean everywhere around the house and even take the vacuum outside with you if you want to clean the garage for example.

There are three main reasons, besides its rather weird pricing, that convince the best canister vacuum review sites to lower the overall score of the model. It is made out of many plastic parts, it’s loud and it generates heat quickly.

Plastic – Again, the usual problems surrounding plastic canister vacuums are present. People dislike the fact that they look fragile and cheaper than they actually are. This isn’t really going to change, but there are quite a few customer reports that point out how much they dislike their vacuum looking cheap so we decided to point it out once again.

Loud – Sadly, this model is a bit on the louder side. It makes a lot of noise, even more than what you would normally expect out of such a small little vacuum. It makes it a bit impractical for people with newborns or elderly people in the house, as it will most certainly disturb their sleep if you decide to clean at inappropriate times.

Heat – This model can get really hot after prolonged usage. Even though it won’t suffer heat damage and won’t cause any damage to you, it will be very hot to the touch and in general you shouldn’t use it for prologned periods of time. Most people don’t really encounter this, since not everyone cleans their entire property three times over one cleaning session without a break.

This model deserves at least an 8.5/10. There are tons of people who underestimate the capabilities of this model and give it low scores because of how it looks or because of its weird price range. In reality, this is one of the best canister vacuum cleaners for the low price range and it deserves so much more than most canister vacuum review sites have given it. It has great suction, durability and is very lightweight on top of being very cheap and affordable for almost anyone. On the negative side, it is mostly plastic and quite noisy, which makes it impractical for larger families with young children. This is one of the best vacuum cleaner models for people that are looking for cheaper, lightweight solutions. It is also great for properties that require a lot of moving around to clean up (houses with staircases, garages or sheds).

  • Powerful Suction
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Plastic
  • Loud
  • Heat can build up over time
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