iRobot Roomba 630 – The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner Models

In this article we will go over the first of our three iRobot suggestions – the iRobot Roomba 630 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets. This is a very affordable robot model that can perform all standard cleaning duties, but just like the name suggests, excels at dealing with pet hair. The Roomba models are quite dominant on the robot vacuum cleaner market, not just because of the big brand name, but because of their effectiveness, and the 630 is no exception. It has received countless of positive professional and customer reviews, which convinced us to add it to our best robot vacuum cleaner list.

Technological Details

The iRobot Roomba 630 utilizes the patented 3-stage cleaning system, which will take care of dirt, dust and pet hair with ease. The model will always automatically adjust to the surface that it is dealing with, regardless of what it is – linoleum floors, hardwood, tile, carpets or even rugs. The models’ ability to deal with pet hair is further improved by the AeroVac Technology, which improves the airflow and thus its suction power. This allows it to even pick up some of the smaller pieces of debris all the while preventing clogging.


Of course, the model features the iAdapt Responsive Cleaning Tech, which allows it to maneuver around your property a lot easier than most of its competitors. A Roomba model can easily get to places that would otherwise be hard or awkward to reach and clean them up for you.

And last, but by no means least, comes the DirtDetect system. This is one of the most important features of the model, as it is the thing that allows it to find the dirtiest areas and make its way there. Without this system, the Roomba would be just like any standard, run of the mill robot.

Cleaning Accessories

Just like most other robot vacuum cleaner products, the iRobot Roomba 630 doesn’t really feature actual accessories. All of the needed tools are already built in and the robot can perform its duties without your intervention. However, there is one additional thing that you will find in the box, which is quite the useful tool – the Virtual Wall system. Virtual walls are devices, that project infrared beams which can be used to stop the model from wondering into certain areas. These are often very good choices if you have young kids or pets that are unused to the vacuum in your home.



The mere fact that the iRobot Roomba 630 is featured in our best robot vacuum cleaner list means that the model possesses quite a few positive qualities. Let’s start with its suction power. Thanks to its motor and the AeroVac Technology, the Roomba can pick up not only dust or dirt, but larger debris as well, making it superior to most other products in its category. Then comes the main feature of the model – its ability to deal with pet hair. This, especially in combination with its superior maneuverability and orientation systems allow the Roomba to easily follow the path your pets take around and under the furniture, cleaning the pet hair in their wake. The battery life is quite long and when it starts running low on energy, the robot will go back to its recharging station and prepare for the next cleaning session. The only intervention that you should make is emptying the dust bin.

Powerful – The suction on this model is quite good for a small robot vacuum cleaner and the superior AeroVac Tech improves it even further. The model has no problem tacking any standard robot vacuum task or dealing with pet hair of any kind.


Easy to Setup – This is a standard robot vacuum advantage. Once you decide where to place the virtual wall emitters and set up the recharging station, you can leave the Roomba 630 alone. It will go about, do its thing and come back to the station, patiently waiting for the next cleaning session.

Long Battery Life – The battery life is long enough to endure an average cleaning session. When the battery starts running low, the model makes its way back to the recharge station before returning to its cleaning duties.

Quiet – The Roomba 630 runs quite silently, which is usually expected out of vacuum cleaners for pet hair. Most pets don’t really enjoy vacuum cleaner noises and robot vacuums don’t really need to attract extra attention from pets.



Now let’s go over the downsides of the Roomba 630. The first and most major problem is something even the best robot vacuum cleaner models face – getting stuck. This horrible thing happens from time to time with every model, mostly because of the way robot vacuums are programmed to work. They will usually try and go for the dirties places, which most often are the hardest to reach ones. And when they go in a very tight area, it is often difficult for a robot model to navigate out. In some cases, you would need to intervene and offer it some assistance.

Repositioning – Sometimes you will need to give the Roomba a hand and reposition it. While it doesn’t occur all that often, there are such places in almost every home and you will have to either wall it off with the virtual walls or be prepared to offer assistance.


We can easily give the iRobot Roomba 630 a 9 out of 10. Its biggest downside is a very common thing amongst robot vacuum cleaners and a thing that every robot owner has encountered – it will need your help from time to time. However, getting stuck is not that big of an issue and most certainly can’t overshadow any of the positive sides of the product.

The Roomba 630 offers pristine suction, great maneuverability and decent battery life, coupled with a low noise level and the ability to deal with any kind of pet hair. This model is a great overall choice, but is obviously most suited for pet owners.

  • Powerful Suction
  • Good Battery Life
  • Quiet
  • Needs Help From Time to Time
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