Best Way To Remove Blood From Carpet

Having blood stains on the carpet is one of the most irritating situations one can face due to any reason. The situation worsens when the stains get dried enough. If the stains still seem to exist after trying several home remedies, we tend to surf the internet as to how to get blood out of carpet? Today, we would like to share some basic steps and remedies that help us to get the blood stains out of the carpet.

How to get fresh blood out of carpet?

You can follow these simple steps to remove fresh blood stains. It is important that you first follow the gentle steps and then move to the harder ones. Failing to do so may lead to destroying the quality of the carpet.

Step 1: Blotting

  • Use a clean towel to blot the stain.
  • Since the stain is a fresh and wet one, long press the towel on the stain and lift the wet blood as much as possible.
  • Then starting from edges, keep lifting the stains and move towards the centre.
  • Do not start from the centre and then move towards edges as it may lead to spread of the stain.

Step 2: Use cold water

  • Spray cold water on the stain and let the water soak completely into the stain.
  • Do not use warm water as warm water may let the stain become permanent.

Step 3: Keep wetting and blotting continuously.

  • With the help of towel blot the stain and then again wet it with cold water.
  • Again blot then wet and keep doing.
  • Do not use the same spot of the towel after one use. Change and take a new spot.

Step 4: Salt solution

  • After following the above-mentioned methods if the stain persists then use this method.
  • Take a small bowl and fill it with cold water.
  • Put salt in the water and mix it thoroughly.
  • After a thin paste has been formed, pour or spray the mixture onto the stain
  • Let the solution sit on the stain for few minutes.
  • Follow the blotting steps again and keep doing the same thing until the stain is removed completely.
  • Salts can even damage the carpet if used for a long time. Therefore, it is better to dry the carpet soon after use of salt paste.

Step 5: Liquid detergent

  • This step can be followed if all the above-mentioned steps fail to clear the stain
  • You can take a small amount of liquid dishwashing detergent or powder ( about 5-10 ml)
  • Mix the detergent with cold water ( 240 ml approx.)
  • Still well the mixture and pour onto the stain or soak the cloth into the solution.
  • Follow the blot method
  • After removal of the stain, put cold water on the surface cleaned and then let dry.
  • Use a fan to let the surface dry as soon as possible.
  • Move a brush over the surface so that it may look the same as before.
  • The detergent should be a mild one used for gentle washes. Using the detergent that contains bleach may harm the carpet.
  • The above-mentioned remedy works best when is stain is fresh enough. But, what if the stain it still onto the carpet?
  • This means that the stain is a dry one and will need a little more efforts to be removed.

How do you get dried blood out of carpet?

Note: The below-mentioned methods are strong methods that can also lead to damages if not followed properly. Hence it is advised to first follow the measures on some hidden area of the carpet and then on the stained area.

Step 1: Brushing with a dull knife

  • This is an optional step and helps in removing off the flecks of dry blood.
  • However, this measure is not recommended if the carpet seems to be a valuable one

Step 2: Apply meat tenderizer

  • Mix this chemical with an equal amount of water.
  • Pour onto the stain.
  • Let it sit dry for about half an hour
  • Again follow the blot and wet mechanism.
  • If the stain is washed off completely, then using a mild detergent, clean the chemical from the carpet.
  • Use cold water to remove the remaining dirt or marks.
  • Avoid using flavoured tenderizer because it may lead to the stain getting permanent
  • Unflavoured ones are used to breaking down the proteins which help in removal of stains easily.

Step 3: Using ammonia

  • Take one and a half cup of warm water and one tablespoon of ammonia.
  • Mix them well.
  • With the help of the cloth or the sponge, put the solution onto the stain
  • Blot the stain slowly and continue the process until the stain gets washed off.
  • It is seen that ammonia is highly effective when it comes to removing dark stains and ones that exist for a long time.
  • Hence if the stain is a little milder one, you can use the next step.
  • Using ammonia without following instructions may destroy the carpet colour or quality

Step 4: Using shampoo and ammonia

  • This step is highly recommended first for removing a dry stain
  • Mix about 10 ml of shampoo or liquid dishwashing detergent in about 240 ml of water and pour onto the stain.
  • Mix about 15 ml of ammonia with 240 ml of normal water.
  • Blot the shampoo mixture on ammonia and apply on the stain
  • Repeat step iv till the stain gets dissolved and removed completely.
  • Spray water and blot it dry to rinse off completely.

Step 5: Using an enzyme cleaner

  • This can be directly applied to the stain.
  • Spray the cleaner and leave it on the stain for few minutes.
  • Follow the instructions as mentioned about the enzyme cleaner.
  • Blot over the stain and then again apply the enzyme cleaner and follow the same procedure till the stain is washed off completely.
  • Dry it properly and as early possible with the help of a vacuum or a fan
  • Use a brush to make the carpet look same as before

How to get blood out of carpet with the help of hydrogen peroxide

  • Hydrogen peroxide is used to lighten the colour of carpet fiber and helps in removing stains by hiding them.
  • Apply hydrogen peroxide onto the stain and let it sit for some time.
  • This method directly removes the stains, and you don’t have to apply any other material again.
  • This method is used for strong dry stains and there is a possibility that it may cause harm to the carpet. You need to follow proper instructions as mentioned about hydrogen peroxide.


Therefore, today we have seen various measures for how to remove fresh/dry blood stains from carpets. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure not to inhale or swallow any of the above-mentioned chemicals.

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