Hoover Platinum LINX – The Best Handheld Vacuums For Pet Hair

In this handheld vacuum review, we will be covering the Hoover Platinum LINX Pet Cordless BH50030. It’s one of the higher class models in the category, offering great utility for this price tag. Just as the name suggests, the Platinum LINX is designed to deal with pet hair, but it does very well with pretty much any other task that you would use a handheld for. The combination of its properties easily earns it a place in our best handheld vacuum list, being held back only by its rather high price tag. Now let us have a look at some details.

Technological Details

The Hoover Platinum LINX offers the combination of a very powerful motor and a long-lasting Lithium-Ion interchangeable battery, granting you the ability to deal with the most stubborn of pet hair. The battery itself lasts twice longer than the typical handheld batteries, allowing for prolonged cleaning sessions. Like you can easily see by the name, the model is designed to deal with all types of pet hair, and does its job extremely well. It can deal with pretty much all other tasks that you can use a handheld for as well. You can easily clean up the insides of your car, the furniture, staircase or the more awkward to reach places where other vacuums might have troubles reaching. The model is both bagless and cordless. This allows you to easily clean it up, saves extra money that you would otherwise spend on bags and offers no annoying cord factor.

Cleaning Accessories

The Hoover Platinum LINX comes with three attachments in its box. You have a Power Head Brushroll, a Pet Upholstery Tool and a Deluxe Dusting Brush. The Power Head can pivot to 25 degrees, offering greater maneuverability and reach while cleaning, which makes it especially good for the awkward spots behind the furniture. The Pet Upholstery tool is, just like the name suggests, meant to deal with pet hair and cleaning of the furniture. It has three rubber “blades” designed to leave no pet hair in their wake. Finally, the Dusting Brush is what you will be using on the more delicate surfaces such as hardwood floors, tabletops and so on. It is made of multiple gentle bristles that won’t harm your floors.


Even though we’ve already went over most of what puts the Hoover Platinum LINX high in our best handheld vacuum list, let’s cover the major points once again. First and foremost, just like always comes the suction power. In its somewhat high price tag, there are very few models that can match it, especially when it comes to pet hair. Which is the second thing – there are very few models that can deal with pet hairs as well as the Hoover Platinum LINX can. On top of that you can add the fact that the model has no annoying bags or cords to deal with and is extremely lightweight. The also lasts for a very long time, allowing for prolonged cleaning sessions.

Great Suction – The Hoover Platinum LINX is more than capable of performing just as well as any high class handheld vacuum cleaner. Its batter lasts for way longer than what most handheld models use and it can power its motor for a very long time.

Great For Pet Hair – The LINX is almost unmatched in the pet hair cleaning department. Which shouldn’t really be surprising, given the name of the model. Still, this is one of its strongest sides and it excels in the role. Most pet owners that have reviewed it are very pleased with it, recommending it wholeheartedly.

Freedom and Reach – The model is cordless and bagless. This means that you will never have to worry yourself about tripping over a cord, having limited reach or anything of the sort. You can also forget about dealing with bags or spending extra money on them. Cleaning up the vacuum itself is nice, easy and quick.


The model doesn’t really have all that many downsides, and they are very well balanced by the positives. The biggest negative is its price tag. Most people aren’t really willing to pay this much for a handheld, especially if they only mean to use it as a pet vacuum. The second one is a bit of personal preference. The battery actually has to be taken out and recharged without being in the vacuum itself, and some people dislike that.

Pricey – The price tag is rather high for a handheld model, and not everyone agrees that a vacuum that will be used primarily for its pet hair qualities should have this high of a price.
Batter Recharge – Even though the battery lasts twice as long as normal batteries do, it still has to be recharged. And to do this, you actually have to remove it from the vacuum and place it in the charging station. It’s not that big of a deal, but quite a few people dislike the concept.


We can easily give the Hoover Platinum LINX a 9 out of 10. It only has two major cons, and a whole lot of pros to make up for them. On the plus side you have great suction, utility and reach. The model is one of the best handheld vacuum cleaner choices for pet owners and we can easily recommend it if a higher price tag isn’t something that would stop you from obtaining an otherwise flawless product.

  • Great suction
  • Awesome For Pet Hair
  • Cordless & Bagless
  • Pricey
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