Dyson DC39 Animal Vacuum Cleaner Review

The focus of this vacuum cleaner review will be the Dyson DC 39 Animal. It is a medium-high class model that brings all the conveniences and upsides that are standard for a vacuum cleaner of its caliber on top of its amazing pet hair features. Don’t be fooled by the models’ name – it is by no means only good for pet hair. There is no standard vacuum cleaning task that it can’t handle and it easily outperforms a big portion of its competition.


Technological Details

The Dyson DC 39 Animal is a part of the Dyson DC series, known for their high-quality models. The vacuum itself utilizes the special Radial Root Cyclone technology, which allows it to capture any and all dust and dirt particles, leaving nothing but a shiny clear floor behind. This model, unlike most of its competitors, does not rely on vacuum cleaner bags and dodges the suction problem that most of them have. The model also makes use of Dysons’ famous ball technology. This grants it great maneuverability and makes it easy for the owners to cover a big portion of their house in one cleaning session. The ball technology makes sure that the vacuum is kept stable at all times, making it a lot easier for the users.

Cleaning Accessories

The Dyson DC 39 Animal is a canister vacuum cleaner, and as we’ve already covered, the main strength of canister models lies in their great versatility. This model is no exception. In the package you can find the following:

  • Mini turbine head – This is the main accessory of the model, created with pet hair in mind. It is the thing that allows us to place the DC39 Animal in the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair list.
  • Stair tool – This tool changes the staircase vacuuming from an annoying task to something that takes very little time and effort.
  • Triggerhead tool – This is the general purpose accessory that the package includes. You can turn the brush bar on and off depending on the surface that you are dealing with – on for carpets and off for delicate surfaces and hardwood floors.
  • Combination tool – Last but not least comes the standard combination tool, that also has the ability to convert to a brush for dusting.



Let us quickly go over the benefits that the Dyson DC 39 Animal offers again. First of all, it is one of the most powerful dedicated pet models on the market. Second, comes the multi-functionality – it is very rare for a pet-centered product to be this good at a wide variety of tasks. And finally the longevity and maneuverability, typical for Dyson products. These key factors in combination with its actual pet hair cleaning abilities make it a candidate for the best canister vacuum cleaner for pet hair title.

Powerful Suction – Dyson motors offer pristine suction power that very few other companies can compete with and the DC39 Animal is no exception. It is more than capable of competing even outside of its price range and designed role, putting a lot of other models to shame.

Multifunctional – The wide variety of accessories, combined with the fact that the DC39 Animal is an actual canister vacuum allow it to outperform most of the pet oriented models in various other tasks, such as stair cleaning, carpet and rug cleaning, hardwood floor vacuuming, car and upholstery cleaning, etc.

Great For Pet Hair – Given the models name, this is the most obvious, yet most important trait of the Animal. It has no trouble dealing with any kind of pet hair on any surface – carpets, rugs, upholstery, stairs, bare floors and even the insides of your car.

Solid yet mobile – Most of Dysons products are very solid choices and they rarely end up having technical difficulties. Not only is the DC39 Animal very reliable and solid, but thanks to the Ball technology it is also very mobile. It can take turns with ease even in the tightest of spaces and it is very easy to navigate.



The biggest downfall of the model remains its price tag. This problem is for most of the Dyson models – the quality comes at a certain price. The second major downside of the model is the fact that its accessories require frequent maintenance, especially when it comes to the dusting brush.

Pricey – As we already pointed out above, the Dyson quality comes with a price and in this case its not something that everyone is willing to pay. While the vacuum cleaner may be multifunctional and capable of dealing with a wide variety of tasks, it is still advertised mainly as a pet model and people aren’t all that willing to pay a lot of money for such models.

Maintenance Requirements – The tricky part here is that the attachments themselves require extra attention on your part. You have to always make sure that the brush is cleaned up before you use it, otherwise, you will encounter problems and you will slow down the vacuuming process.



We give the Dyson DC 39 Animal a solid 9.2 out of 10. It provides great suction power and performs well on multiple surfaces. The model has no trouble dealing with pet hair on hardwood floors, carpets, rugs, upholstery or staircases. On top of that, the DC 39 Animal is very solid and has excellent mobility. The many positive sides outweigh the two main negatives by far. However, the higher price tag and the need of contestant maintenance should not be ignored.
If you are looking for a main vacuum cleaner that can take over the majority of the cleaning tasks in your home, then the DC39 Animal is easily one of the best vacuum for pet hair models for you.

  • Powerful SuctionDC39 Animal
  • Multifunctional
  • Superb for Pet Hair
  • Solid & Mobile
  • Pricey
  • Accessories Require Maintenance
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