Dirt Devil BD10175 – Vacuum Cleaners For Pet Hair

In this review, we will stop on one of Dirt Devil’s most underrated low price suggestions. Some of you may already be asking the question – if the model is this unpopular, why is it on the best handheld vacuum review series ? The answer is plain and simple – because it is good enough to be there. The model has very decent suction, great battery life and has no troubles whatsoever in standing up to the competition. There are many hidden jewels lying in wait in the low tier vacuum cleaners and this is most certainly one of them.


Technological Details

The Dirt Devil BD10175 has a powerful motor that provides it with 18 volt suction. This allows the model to compete with a huge number of low and medium priced products . It is powerful enough to pick up small crumbs and debris from your floor even before you place it right on top of them. The easy to empty cup is marketed as one of the strong points of the model so we have to take a look at it as well. In reality, it’s not all that amazing – it simply makes emptying the dust bin a tad easier than it would be for a standard handheld vacuum cleaner. Like it’s name suggests, the Dirt Devil BD10175 is a cordless and very lightweight model. Its battery can support it for extended periods of time, giving you the optimal suction power for your preferred cleaning session durations.

Cleaning Accessories

On first glance, it seems rather sad that the Dirt Devil BD10175 doesn’t really offer much accessories. But then again, most handheld models are created with a certain task in mind and are specialized to deal with it. Like always, there are a few exceptions to this rule but the BD10175 is not one of them. It only comes with two tools – a built in crevice tool for corners and a power brushroll attachment. Inside its box you will also find a charger for the battery.



Like most specialized products, the Dirt Devil BD10175 has quite a few upsides, but most of them are focused on its area of expertise. This does by no means make it a bad model. Actually it’s the other way around – its qualities fit the niche and price tag perfectly, turning it in to a viable candidate for our best handheld vacuum review series.

Powerful suction and Long Lasting Battery – There aren’t many handheld models of this price tag that can both keep up a decent suction power for a long period of time and never lose it as their battery slowly loses power.This feature makes the BD10175 great even for dealing with larger spaces, a task that is usually best left to bigger, non-battery powered models.

Good For Pet Hair – Even though the model was not advertised as a pet hair one, it can handle most types of dog and cat hairs pretty well, leaving nothing but perfectly clean furniture and flooring.

Lightweight and Quiet – Most handheld models are very lightweight and the BD10175 is no exception. As a matter of fact it’s light enough that you can use it in teaching your kids how to help in the household work without making them tired at all. On top of that, the model is decently quiet and you are not very likely to disturb people in other rooms while cleaning with it.


Every product has a few downsides that prevent it from being the best handheld vacuum of all time, and this one has some as well. The biggest problem is the lack of multi functionality. Having a model that is great at a couple of things but not really good for the rest of the general cleaning process is not a thing that everyone likes. Sure, if you’ve bought the model as a support vacuum on the side and plan to use it as an extra to your bigger, heavier model then that’s no problem. But if you are looking for something that can help you in every single house task, then this model is not for you.

Lack of attachments – The model only comes with two attachments, one of which is already built-in. Basically, you have a crevice tool and a brush roll to work with.



We give this Dirt Devil a 8.5/10. While the BD10175 is great and does its job very well, the lack of attachments is a huge problem. On the plus side, you have great suction, light weight, a long lasting battery and the ability to easily deal with pet hair. And if that’s all that you are looking for on a model, the Dirt Devil BD10175 is one of the best handheld vacuums for you. In such a case you can look at its score as 9/10.

The only time at which the model is held back by the lack of attachment variety is when if you want to use it as a main cleaning tool. It is simply not meant to function as such and you are most likely going to encounter some problems trying to clean the whole house with it. When used to its strengths, however, the Dirt Devil BD10175 is a great little handheld and will not disappoint you!

  • Powerful suction
  • Good For Pet Hair
  • Lightweight
  • Lack Of Attachments
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