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Black & Decker Dustbuster – The Best Handheld Vacuum On A Budget

In this handheld vacuum reveiw we will go over one of the most popular Black & Decker models – the CHV1510 Dustbuster 15.6-Volt Cordless Cyclonic Hand Vacuum. Black & Decker as a company are well-known and widely popular for making some of the best handheld vacuum cleaners on the market. Their products are usually referred to as both cheap and effective, which has earned them places in every top list, including ours. The 1510 Dustbuster stays true to this, brining to its owner a great combination of suction power, reliability and functionality.


Technological Details

The Black & Decker CHV1510 brings you 15.6 Volt suction power, allowing you to deal with all kinds of domestic problems – from spills and dirt to larger particles. When fully charged (for 24 hours) the battery can last for very long periods of time, which makes cleaning sessions a breeze – you will never again have to interrupt your cleaning because your vacuum has ran out of power. The model is bagless, cordless, and can store all of its attachments on board. This makes storage and maintenance very easy and presents almost no chances for losing attachments.

Cleaning Accessories

The Black & Decker CHV1510 Dustbuster comes with the standard brush tool and crevice tool, which allow it to function properly in a wide variety of cleaning scenarios. It’s slim nozzle can easily rotate and pick up dust and dirt from all directions . The vacuum is designed so it has a very large frontal section, which allows it to pick up even larger debris. For a model with a weaker suction that would actually cause problems, but here the cyclonic action in combination with the strong suction power make quick work of any potential clogging problems.


There are three main this that made us consider the The Black & Decker CHV1510 Dustbuster one of the best handheld vacuum cleaners. These are its suction power, it’s low weight and great battery life. Sure, it’s not the most powerful handheld, and yes, the batter takes 24 hours to get to complete charge. But for such a low price tag, you will not find many products that can even come close.

Powerful Suction – Simply put, The Black & Decker CHV1510 Dustbuster is one of the most powerful handheld vacuum cleaners of the low class. The combination of low price and great suction have made it a very popular choice amongst customers looking for a vacuum on a budget.

Lightweight – Most people buy a handheld model because they want something that they can carry around with ease and do quick, efficient clean-ups with. And this model is exactly that.

Battery Life – If the fact that the battery requires some time to reach full capacity doesn’t bother you, then you will be very pleased with it as a whole. Once fully charged, the vacuum can support incredibly long cleaning sessions, more than enough to deal with all your cleaning tasks.


The main downfall of the model is shared amongst a few of our other best handheld vacuum choices. The inability to properly deal with pet hair is a rather big deal in this category, but it is easily outweighed by the positive sides of the products. The other big problem is the amount of time it takes the batter to charge completely. Twenty four hours is a rather long time period after all.

Not Good For Pet Hair – Pet owners will definitely not like it. Sadly it can easily end up getting clogged with pet hair and quickly lose suction, not to mention that cleaning it up afterwards will be a nightmare.

Battery Takes A While To Recharge – This is only bad for people who insist to have daily cleaning sessions, but it is unusual for a handheld model to need this much time.


The Black & Decker CHV1510 Dustbuster gets two different scores from us. If you are a pet owner, or a person who has frequent, long cleaning sessions, treat the model as an 8 out of 10. If don’t own any pets and don’t plan on using it for prolonged sessions, then the model has a 9.5 out of 10.

10 Total Score

  • Powerful Suction
  • Lightweight
  • Long Battery Life
  • Bad For Pet Hair
  • Long Recharge Time
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