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Here we’ll check out one of the least expensive yet very well done products, coming from the Bissel company. This canister vacuum review covers the Zing Bagless – a vac than manages to be very powerful and very cheap at the same time. The Bissel company aren’t very well known to most people who are used to buying more expensive products, as they aren’t really a rival to some of the larger brand names like Miele or Dyson, but they do have quite a few really great products, in places where you wouldn’t expect.

This Zing model is a bagless canister vacuum cleaner that comes from a great line of Bissel products and as an heir to their pros can proudly defend it’s producer’s name. Starting with a bit of fairness – while this product does have it’s downsides, it is an outstanding example of what a cheap canister model should offer. As a matter of fact we can easily say that it’s one of the best canister vacuum cleaners for this price tag.

Technological Details

The Zing bagless has just enough power to rival and surpass most other cheap models that can be found on the market, and it’s ability to come close to the capabilities of things that are outside of it’s price tag is quite amazing. We have encountered hundreds of comments and private canister vacuum reviews pointing out to how amazing they find it’s suction power. This can be somewhat addressed to the fact that most people who are used to cheap and lower quality products are not aware of how a real canister vacuum cleaner should perform. And this little bugger really shows them how it’s done! Another great thing about it is the fact that it won’t lose suction when changing from hardwood floor to carpets and rugs.

The transition won’t be as smooth as a model for say $400-500 but it is really good at what it does. The fact that it’s bagless is yet another factor that contributes to it’s low price – no need to pay additional money for extra bags. And cleaning the dust bin isn’t too hard of a deal either, as it’s very well designed. Another big plus is how light it is – the Bissell Zing weighs only 10 lbs. The power cord is 15′ long, offering quite decent reach, and it’s a pretty nice length for it’s class. It’s also , of course retractable.


Cleaning Accessories

The package also includes a crevice tool and a dusting brush, allowing you to clean most of the thing that can be encountered in an average apartment. It sadly does not have a ton of tools coming with it in the bag so to say, but you can again grab some extras. At the moment there are two suggested accessory kits. One features a dirt cup filter screen, one dirt cup filter, one pre-motor filter and one post motor filter. And the second one brings you all the goodie tools – a 6 inch wide Turbo Brush tool (great for pet hair), a flexible contour tool for hard to reach area and two adapters that are capable of working with pretty much every model of the same class that comes from Bissel.

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Both of these accessory tools seem to be well worth their price according to customer feedback and they aren’t really all that expensive. We’d suggest giving them a thought if you are planning on grabbing the model, as they give it needed multi functionality to match the other, more expensive solutions on the market.


Here are the major things that give us a reason to believe that this is truly one of the best canister vacuum cleaner:

Powerful suction – We can’t stress enough how rare it is to find a low priced model that can perform more than just “ok” at everything that is expected from it. And we really feel like most canister vacuum review sites don’t do the Bissel Zing bagless justice – it really has amazing amounts of suction in it. And most customer replies that we’ve found only go to strengthen that point.

Cheap – This model is very cheap for what it is capable of doing and it’s one of it’s major pros. In nowadays products that are cheaper than what they should be are rarely seen, but once discovered, people can’t really get enough of them.

Lightweight – The fact that this model has a lot of plastic parts is easily seen by many as a cheap way to rip people off. And while it does make the product more fragile and susceptible to damage it also makes it a lot lighter than it would’ve been otherwise. We’re making such a big deal out of this, as it eliminates one of the biggest negatives sides that canister models have – you can easily move it around, carry it up and down stairs, carry it to your car and so on. And it’s also a great for people who have recently had medical problems.

Bagless – At first glance this is only a good side. You won’t have to pay extra money over time for disposable bags right ? Well while this is mostly true and it does contribute to the model’s overall low price, it is seen as a negative for some people since not everyone likes having to clean their canister vacuum too often.


Now it’s time to give the negative sides a closer inspection. And while there are tons of satisfied customers, preaching that this is the very best canister vacuum cleaner of all time, there are others, who disagree and point to multiple negative sides.

Lots of plastic parts – While we did list this one as a positive side due to it making the vacuum lighter, it also can be very bad if you are not careful with it. It can break easily if you say drop it down the stairs. However it most certainly wont fall apart by itself so nothing to worry about there. When we were looking into people’s opinions on the matter, we did note that most of them were really avoiding the part where they were supposed to say whether they took good care of their vacuum or not.

Bagless – This is a negative just as much as it is a positive for some people – not everyone likes having to clean their dust bin too often. Not only is it annoying, but it consumes precious time as well.

A bit on the noisy side – The powerful motor, sadly brings a negative side along as it makes more noise than the vacuum is capable of muffling. As such it isn’t recommended to vacuum at times when you might disturb someone’s sleep or conversations.

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Overall the Zing Bagless does an amazing job, and most of the time outperforms pretty much all competition within its price range. This doesn’t go to say that there aren’t any negatives – we’ve just about covered them, but they are well balanced with the positives. Customer responses, just as usual range between pure love and absolute dismay, but there are far more approval than disapproval comments. In the end of the day we can easily call it one of the best canister vacuum cleaner models for it’s price range. It has powerful suction, okay reach, its cheap, lightweight and bagless. And while some people are put off by its plastic parts and noisiness, it is well worth the money. We give it an eight out of ten.

  • Powerful
  • Cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Lots of plastic components
  • Noisy
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