Bissell Big Green Deep Carpet Cleaner Machine Review

Do you want to remove stains and scrub out dirt and dust from your carpet? Well, Bissell Big Green is the right choice for you. The Bissell Big Green reviews provided in this write-up can help you to know this product more closely.

The Bissell Big Green is a trusted name for those who want to clean their carpets deeply in a better way. The reason behind its effective cleaning is its 75% more suction power than other upright deep carpet cleaners available in the market.

It cleans all sides of the carpet fiber deeply with the help of the innovative technology.  It has Dual Cross Action Brushes used under the machine. These brushes not only deep clean each fiber of the carpet but also polish and groom the entire carpet simultaneously.

The setting of Super Boost Spray provided on this machine allows it to provide an extra boost while cleaning carpets used in high traffic areas and heavily soiled carpets.

According to this Bissell Big Green review, this machine does not need any assembly to start cleaning your carpet after receiving it from your supplier.

In this way, Bissell Big Green is the suitable carpet cleaning machine for you if you have extremely soiled carpets or carpets used at high traffic areas or even stained and dirty carpets. It can clean them effectively by cleaning each of its fiber deeply.

Bissell Big Green Reviews – The Best Carpet Cleaner: 

Bissell, the company producing this Bissell Big Green.  It is known for producing machines with industrial strength so that big hardware stores can rent them out to casual users. The domestic version of this carpet cleaner is also equally effective to its industrial version.


  • It contains Upholstery Tool for cleaning stairs, autos, and stains
  • It can clean dirty water tanks with its ‘Simple Lift’ clean option
  • You can easily open its tank.
  • It has removable storage container for tools
  • This has easily manageable carpet-friendly wheels
  • You can store in compact position with its collapsible handle


After going through the Bissell Big Green review provided in this write-up it can be concluded that this carpet cleaner can clean your carpets deeply by removing entire dirt, water, and carpet shampoo from it.

Customers’ reviews

More than 3200 customers of have been contacted to get Bissell Big Green reviews on the basis of their personal experiences. Though 70% of these customers rate it with 5/5 stars still its overall rating is 4.5/5 stars as some of its users don’t get satisfaction with their purchase.

One of the Amazon verified customers is a professional carpet cleaner for over 20 years. He along with his wife has bought this carpet cleaner and is satisfied with its performance. It has made it easier for them to manage things in their old age years.

There is another verified buyer if this machine who is satisfied with its functions even if he has to exchange his machine initially. But he finds some problem while cleaning it. the movement of its brushes makes it difficult to clean behind them with his finger wrapped with a piece of lint.

Another buyer has rated this carpet cleaner for 5/5 stars due to its easy to use property.

Another user has rated it for 4/5 stars due to improper design of tool and cord wrap along with an absence of water heater.

In this way, customers give a mix Bissell Big Green reviews. still, most of them were positive satisfaction about the functions of their device. Their annoyance on an individual basis can be overlooked while reviewing this machine on the whole.

Alternative carpet cleaners

Though as per Bissell Big Green review provided in this write-up this deep carpet cleaner has a number of features like 75% more suction and Super Boost cleaning option etc. but if you do not like it due to its heavy weight and higher price then you can find some of its alternatives. Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner can be a suitable alternative to Bissell Big Green as this adorable little ball-shaped cleaner is a full-size cleaner. It can easily clean tough to reach tiny areas while cleaning stains and random spots on your carpet along with upholstery, the interior of the car and up and down stairs etc. This also includes a water heating technology to keep the temperature of the water constant throughout the cleaning process. It easily remover pet fur from the carpets.

FAQ from buyers before buying a carpet cleaner

Q: Shall I use hot water to get better results as Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaners does not have water heating system?

Ans: Instead of using hot water it can give better results even with slightly warm water as used in a dishwasher.

Q: Should I use Bissell Big Green cleaning solution only?

Ans: Though cleaning solutions of any brand can show good results but to get the best results it will be better to use Bissell’s products.


Q: Where to get this product?

Ans: Though you can buy it from any online or offline store. But, can provide at a very reasonable price.

Q: How to use this carpet cleaner?

Ans: This carpet cleaner is easy to use as it requires no assembly. You can start using it as you take it out of the box.

Q: What is the guarantee?

Ans: It allows a five-year limited period warranty to cover defective workmanship or parts of the machine.

Q: How long shall I have to wait for its delivery?

Ans: You can get its delivery within 5-7 working days after confirmation of your order.

Final verdict

After reading this Bissell Big Green reviews, I  hope you are enough sure which one you should buy for you. Most of the users of this carpet cleaning machine have reviewed it positively with much higher rating than its competitors. Most of the users give a praising reviews after using it. it is a clear testament to its high quality. Whereas other products are getting praises for their respective companies instead of their users. Moreover, the reputation of Rug Doctor brand also ensures the great satisfaction level of their product.

  • Longest cord than any other machine in this line-up
  • Stronger suction than other similar machines
  • Boost cleaning of heavily soiled and high traffic area carpets
  • Expendable hose is shorter than its competition
  • Heavy machine for domestic use
  • Costlier than other domestic carpet cleaners
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