The Best Bagged Vacuum Cleaners 2018 – Reviews And Top Picks

The typical household is very complicated and is also prone to dirt and dust from every other source. This calls for cleaning equipment that is simpler to use and is also preferably able to carry out more than one task at a time.Best bagged vacuum cleaner fit these particular bills pretty well. They are basically devices that are used to suck air, dirt, dust, and debris from off surfaces.They are compact in size, are pretty easier to use and very effective in getting rid of dirt from all surfaces.

Some versions or kinds of these bags also have the ability to perform several other cleaning-related chores.With so many such items in the market today, a would-be user like you may not have the ability to identify the right one easily. This is the reason for which we have decided to draft this review.

We aim to solve this problem by highlighting the Top bagged vacuum cleaners as of the year 2018. We will also let you know which the best of those cleaners is as well as some tips on how to choose an appropriate one.We do hope that these discussions shall give you the head start you require to make an eventual worthy purchase.

Top 3 Bagged Vacuum Cleaners in 2018

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is for those large rooms and extensive building complexes. This is so mainly because it has an extended range courtesy of the cordless nature.Its battery time is also longer. This again assures you of maximum reach of even those ordinarily hard-to-reach areas easily.

Cleaning a larger room may often be too daunting. This is why a robotic or remotely-controlled cleaner is by all means vital. This is such kind of a vacuum cleaner. It is packed with all the elegant features that enable it to be used remotely.

At the top of its desirable traits is the W-Fi connectivity feature. This feature basically enables it to communicate with like-minded devices via wireless. It is this feature that allows you to control the cleaner remotely.

Closely related to the above is the fact that it is operable by use of smartphones. All you have to do is to download several apps from the app stores and configure them to your unique settings or requirements.

Coming in third is the strong suction capability. It indeed generates a high sucking power which means even the minutest dirt is not lest out.

It also has anti-collision/drop sensor protection, smart motion navigation and 3-tier cleaning system, 100-minute maximum battery life, can accommodate several accessories, and comes along with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

On the whole, the cleaner is ideal for low-pile carpets as it is very crucial in getting rid of dirt from this piece of textile. You may also utilize it conveniently to clean hard floors.

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The Best Bagged Vacuum Cleaners 2018 – Reviews And Top Picks

  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Compact size that calls for limited storage space
  • Maneuvers the cleaning areas with ease
  • Low power consumption
  • Cordless nature that guarantees extended range

  • It is quite pricey and unaffordable
  • Maybe too intricate to the ordinary users
  • Has lower capacity bag

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Vacmaster 4 Gallon Vacuum Cleaner

Vacmaster 4 Gallon Vacuum Cleaner is the one you may require for those installations that are sensitive to noise like libraries, pharmacies, laboratories, and classrooms. It generates its suction force courtesy of the 2-stage motor that is exceptionally quiet.

In case you intend to clean an installation that is sensitive to noise, you may want a very quiet vacuum cleaner. This is the cleaner for your taking. It is very quiet as you shall see from the mini-review that follows.

It does have a 2-stage 5 horsepower industrial motor. This performs the action of generating the rotational force that is converted into a suction force. It is this trait that enables it to operate quietly.

On the whole, the cleaner lasts longer than most ordinary cleaners. Because of this, you should anticipate to use it longer without any inconveniences at all.

The cleaning equipment draws its power from mains electricity and by an 18-foot long cord. The cord does have an automatic rewind capability and is thus quite convenient.

This cleaner’s system of filtering dirt is pretty effective. This is courtesy of the triple filtration technology that passes the sucked in air in three main stages before emptying them into the bag. It does get rid of literally all the dirt.

Its bag has to accommodate dirt of a capacity of 4 gallons. This is large enough to let users like you clean an entire room in one attempt. By reason of this, you stand to accrue a lot of convenience during your cleaning exercise.

Vacmaster 4 Gallon Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Best Bagged Vacuum Cleaners 2018 – Reviews And Top Picks

  • Large capacity bag
  • Completely quiet operations
  • Ability to clean both wet and dry floors equally
  • Ease of operations and use
  • Lasts longer than ordinary cleaners

  • Limited range due to the corded nature
  • Requires plenty of storage space
  • Cumbersome to move around

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Armor All Vacuum Cleaner

Other than that it does have an excellent dirt filtration system. This ensures that every minute grain of dirt is sucked into the bag and that none is left to escape. This is essential in case the hope of a job well done is to be realized.Armor All Vacuum Cleaner is mainly suited for cleaning the interiors of cars. This is because it is very agile, generates powerful suction power, and is also pretty simple to handle.What’s more? It can discharge several roles at a time. Because of these, it returns higher value for money. It may cost you a fortune to acquire but once you do so, you will rest assured of nothing but the best possible results.

To expedite the cleaning time, you definitely want to settle for a multipurpose cleaner. This vacuum cleaner, by virtue of being able to be converted into a dust blower also, serves this purpose pretty well.

This cleaner has a 6-foot hose that comes inside the canister portion of its vacuum. The hose is accompanied by a 10-foot cord. Both devices are excellent removers of dirt and moisture.

Its 2-horsepower motor that has an auto shut-off is the main cleaning component of the vacuum cleaner. It generates enough rotational speed to suck in as much dirt as possible. It also prevents overflows automatically and thus saves you a lot of hassles.

The onboard organization does exist on this vacuum cleaner. This provides a dedicated accessory storage facility in which you may conveniently store all of your co-operant tools-of-trade. This means you will access them if and when you want them without delay.

Armor All 2.5 Gallon, 2 Peak HP Wet/Dry Vacuum AA255 Review

The Best Bagged Vacuum Cleaners 2018 – Reviews And Top Picks

  • Can serve multiple roles and purposes
  • Automatic shut off for easy operations
  • Can reach otherwise hard-to-reach areas
  • May be used upside down
  • Generates high rotational force

  • Low bag capacity of just 2.5 gallons
  • Clumsy and inconvenient to handle
  • Limited applicability (cannot plug into a car)

How to choose A Best Bagged Vacuum Cleaner?

The market is flooded with so many bagged vacuum cleaners. This calls for great wisdom and caution while choosing the right one. The following are some of the factors to look out for while choosing the best one for you.

1Bag Capacity: This entails asking the following questions: ‘How much dirt do you expect the dirt to hold at any given time?’ The choice of a good vacuum cleaner on the basis of this consideration should be inspired by the size of your room or surfaces to be cleaned. You should be sure that the cleaner is large enough to handle or accommodate the size of your room.
2Intended Location of Use: ‘Where exactly do you intend to use this cleaner?’ In case you have a remote location in mind, look for a cordless or battery-powered cleaner. If it is indoors, then settle for a corded or electricity-powered cleaner.
3Brand: Several companies are engaged in the manufacture and distribution of this cleaning device. They have different qualities and lifespan. It is in your best interest to settle in a vacuum that is as durable and reliable as possible. As of the year 2017, the following are some of the top bagged vacuum cleaner brands Bissell Bagged Vacs, Hoover, Royal, Bosch, Koblenz, and Sanitaire by Electrolux. Consider giving them topmost priority in your search for the best-bagged vacuum cleaner.
4Versatility: Is this cleaner capable of accommodating several accessories?’ This is the measure of the trait of versatility. A good cleaner ought to be able to accommodate as many accessories as possible to guarantee greater convenience and returns to value.
4 Power Source and Consumption:  All these bags are powered by either batteries or mains electricity. You should be certain that your cleaner of choice derives its power from a source that is convenient for you. You should also be sure that its power consumption rating is affordable by you.
6 Dimensions: How heavy or large is the cleaner?’ This consideration is very important. This is because it mainly determines the amount of storage space required. It also determines the ease or lack of it with which the cleaner will be used to rid dirt from the rooms.
7 Intended Use: Different cleaners are suited for different uses. Some are meant for getting rid of dirt from small rooms whereas others from larger rooms. Others, on the other hand, may be suited for larger rooms as well as other sophisticated maneuvers. You should thus ascertain your intended use of the cleaner and settle for that one which closely mirrors your expectations. 
8 Skill Level: Apart from being intended for various uses, these cleaners also have varying levels of sophistication. This calls for the appropriate skill or technical expertise on the part of each user. You should, therefore, see to it that you acquire a cleaner which you have the right skill to successfully operate. 
9Nature of Filter: The filter is the component of the cleaner that does the actual cleaning. It is basically a porous device that is attached to the cleaner. It is the one that is used for removing impurities and solid particles.

There are three main kinds of filters namely:

  • Disposable Filter – This is the kind that requires replacement after a short duration of use. It is expensive to maintain though and is as such not a desirable purchase.
  • Washable Filter – This kind of filter can be washed and used repeatedly. Because of this, it is cheaper to maintain in the long run and very reliable as well.
  • HEPA Filters – They are designed to capture finer particles of dust than the ordinary filters. They are hence suited for those that are either asthmatic or allergic. They are however more expensive.

From the foregoing, it is quite evident that bagged vacuum with the HEPA filter is the best options.

10 Budget:  This last consideration entails striking a balance between your financial resource endowment on one hand and the actual cost of the cleaner on the other hand. Settle for a cleaner that is well within your budget, all factors considered. The ideal cleaner should also be accompanied by generous manufacturer’s warranty and hot discounts.


Well, as you may see from the best bagged vacuum cleaners review above, the Armor All Vacuum Cleaner is the clear winner of the top performing bagged vacuum cleaners. This is because it embodies all the key traits of the ideal vacuum cleaner as explained in the value section above. Its abilities to be used to serve different purposes and its possession of the automatic shut-off mechanism make it all the more irresistible. Moreover, you may use it easily to clean your car. This is a plus since most persons who purchase bagged vacuum cleaners usually do so with the aim of using them to clean cars. Why don’t you consider acquiring it and making it a part of your cleaning collection?

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