Hi, I’m Micheal, founder of InsiderAppliances and I’d like to say thank you for dropping by.

Like most consumers I always look at reviews before buying something even more so if the product is worth more than a hundred dollars, I’m pretty sure a lot of you do the same thing.

How can this site help me find the right Appliances?

There are a number of sites out there that curate reviews from shopping sites as well as from bloggers and technology sites then present it to the consumer in an easy-to-digest form so that they don’t waste time reading hundreds of pages worth of reviews on different sites.


In here you’ll find comparison charts for the needs listed above that lists the features side by side along with the warranty so you don’t need hit the back button often to compare.

How did you come up with the top 5 lists?

Everything here is based on consumer reviews, nothing is made up nor sugar coated. If a product gets rave reviews, I say it, if it’s not a good product then it also reflects in the write-up.

Ranking is based on the combination of factors – usability, build quality, battery life, charge time, warranty, consumer rating, customer service, and price.

How’s the selection process?

First step is going to Amazon to gather the top rated products then narrow it down according to popularity and average rating. The product has to have at least 50+ reviews (combined) to meet the criteria, of course, the more reviews the better.

After narrowing down a list of 5 to 10, I scour the net for video and individual blog reviews from bloggers. The list is narrowed down further to the top 5 is based on the factors I mentioned above. I also look at feedback from other shopping sites to gather more consumer data on how the product performed.

I then write down individual product reviews so I can carefully dissect the strengths and weaknesses of each vacuum and from there make a decision on the top 5.

Why Amazon?

Everybody knows that Amazon is the top online retail store that offers the best deals, sometimes even better than the manufacturers. And if something goes wrong with the product, they also have one of the best customer care policies on the web so it is a no-brainer.

How do you know if the reviews are credible?

For both positive and negative I look for detailed reviews from verified buyers that highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of the product in a way that is helpful to a potential buyer.

Also, I look for people that have experience in leaving concise reviews that explain in detail what they liked and disliked in a product. I usually ignore the short one-liner reviews (e.g. this is the best or this is crap…) that don’t add real value to the discussion.

Did you personally review all the products in this site?

No, I’d be lying if I told you that and if I personally reviewed something I’ll let you know right away at the start of the article that it is my own product review.

Why did you create this site?

If you’re interested in a little personal background, here’s my story.

Even though my home doesn’t have a square meter of carpeted space on it, I still found the need to have a vacuum cleaner. Dust seems to always find its way on the table, keyboard and all the hard to reach areas around my home.

I could use a damp towel to wipe it off but it leaves behind water spots that need to be wiped again so it actually doubles the work and is very inefficient, dusters are out of the question since they only push dirt around and not of absorbing it. I would get sneeze attacks if I used dusters because have an allergy to dusts ? .

Working from home, I really need something more efficient that I could use to quickly clean up not only floors but also every nook and cranny and since I have a one year old with me I couldn’t afford to let the dust and dirt accumulate or he might get asthma!

I knew that an upright or a canister vac was out of the question because I don’t have enough storage space, and a corded hand vac is a bit of a hassle because it has cords that get tangled up and usually it is a hassle to bring along with you around the house with all the wires. So I’ve made my choice – I need a cordless.

This eventually led me to start this blog because I couldn’t find a site that would detail how it would perform, what to expect with in terms of battery life, features, pros and cons, charging time and other vital information.

My goal is to give you information that you can easily digest that’ll answer questions about your needs at home and base YOUR decision on these rather than buying something because of the brand name.

Why do all this work for free?

My main goal is to help people out and if I do my job right and help in your decision to purchase a vacuum through my site I get a commission through the Amazon associates program.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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